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This course will assist energy industry professionals in the planning and operation of a power system with increasing penetration of renewable energy resources, storage and electrical vehicles to support decarbonization targets.

Over the last few decades, utilities have been active in leveraging clean-energy resources to develop and integrate technologies for the decarbonization of the power system and extending this support to the transportation sector.

The course addresses carbon targets and GHG (Greenhouse gases) control mechanisms that countries apply towards achieving a Sustainable, Resilient and Equitable Climate Future.

This course presents the innovations in electric vehicle technologies, such increased vehicle electrification (batteries and fuel cells), connectivity and automation. The course also illustrates how maximizing future use of renewable resources will facilitate time and sector shifting, a process encompassing storing renewable energy through hydrogen production, liquid fuels, and chemicals (to be used in long-term storage) and optimally integrating transportation with buildings, the grid, and renewables in order to realize system-wide benefits.

This course will give a unique perspective that will help energy professionals achieve a holistic understanding of power systems that operate within a zero carbon paradigm.

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