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Deepwater Drilling Operations are generally defined as taking place in water depth in excess of 1,000 ft (330 m). These conditions represent a challenging and rapidly growing operating environment in many areas of the world. With increasing depth below the mud-line, many of these wells are also High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells. New build rigs as well as upgrades continue to leave shipyards to service this growing market while equipment manufacturers and service providers continue to invest heavily in associated technological innovation. With the cost of running a deepwater drilling operation running to well in excess of $1 million a day, it is critical that a high level of competency exists among all personnel associated with the delivery of a deepwater well. This can prove a challenging objective in a rapidly growing workforce – for Operators, Drilling Contractors and Service Companies alike. This 5-day course provides participants with a wealth of practical and operationally focused knowledge. It builds critical skills in well delivery with an emphasis on the operational aspects of well delivery in deepwater. The course addresses:
  1. Operational Planning
  2. Rig Operations
  3. Performance Optimisation
  4. High Reliability Drilling Practices
  5. Deepwater Well Control

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