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In context of trade, seamless supply chains and dependence on international resources, world is becoming one single market. Even though because of internet and widespread access to legal resources, business managers tend to share the common legal principles, but unfortunately, the legal framework and national laws of different countries still maintain a certain degree of uniqueness and protectionism. Thus, the success of an international contract will depend on the “know how” in identifying the differences in legal regimes, diversity of legislature, scoping, contract drafting, negotiation and execution competencies in each context. It is getting not only important but crucial to consider risks from remote and unforeseen events, sanctions, and proxy wars. As a contract gets bigger in monetary value and wider in scope, more attention is needed in drafting and interpreting terms and conditions of any contract before signing on the last page or accepting it online.

This 2 full-day course endeavours to enable the participants gain an understanding of the essential ingredients of contracts and mastering the international contracting principles. This course will equip participants to identify vague and ambiguous clauses, avoid dangerous and often hidden terms, and better understand the controlling position in a project. The participants will learn from the Case Law Reports and analysis to take home lessons learned from bitter experiences of peers in the industry. It is designed to help those who need a solution to manage current contractual issues or those who execute international contracts regularly and want to be more proficient in managing their contracts and projects, with changing contexts.

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