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There are various kinds of geophysical data available. They are separated into seismic and non-seismic (multi-physics) data. Non-seismic or multi-physics data (which includes gravity, magnetics, electrical, electromagnetics, spectral etc – apart from providing complimentary information to seismic) is the main source of information for very shallow subsurface applications such as engineering, mapping pollution, archaeology, geothermal energy, and related areas. This 5 full-day blended course will focus specifically on seismic data which is the main method used in the Oil & Gas industry.

In this blended course, participants will be equipped to understand that seismic data represents the movement of the surface, resulting from waves generated by a source, dynamite or vibrator which are reflected by changes in the subsurface rocks. The basic principles of acquisition and processing will be explained and insights into advanced methods, allowing a much more accurate interpretation of seismic data than previously considered possible, will also be provided.

This blended course contains an introduction to Machine Learning and its important role in all aspects of seismic acquisition, processing, and interpretation. There is no need to know in detail how the algorithms work internally but it is necessary to know how to use them correctly to achieve optimum results.

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