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To the non-geologist, working with Petroleum Geologists can be confusing. Petroleum geology has specific terminology and many concepts and data sources unfamiliar to the uninitiated.  

This course has been designed to introduce these terms and provide an insight into how oil and gas are formed, how they are found and how they are extracted. Using a holistic combination of lectures, experiments, case study and practical exercises, the course involves an introduction to fundamental geological concepts, to exploration techniques, prospecting, drilling, well logs and recovery methods. The course will also demystify the terminology surrounding petroleum geology, demonstrate the use of geological information to show the value and weakness of different datasets, and lead to better communication and decision-making between the geologists and non-geologists. It will feature world-class virtual reality field trips that incorporate activities and features unavailable in the physical field, and provide for a more integrated and flexible learning resource. We will also have a virtual session with Imaged Reality’s Stratbox Core Explorer, an exciting new digital twin of a core store for examining well core and associated data.

Course Highlights:

  1. Course facilitator has delivered petroleum geology training to many companies over the years
  2. Facilitator is also a professionally trained teacher and former university lecturer who is experienced in communicating with people at all levels of technical knowledge
  3. Practical exercises, experiments, examination of real rocks, a virtual reality field trip, practical well log excercise and case study are used to clarify and reinforce important concepts

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