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This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course will begin with a presentation of topics to familiarise Process and Instrumentation Engineers with procedures and practices involved in the choice of sensors related to the measurement of temperature, pressure, level and flow in relation to single-phase flows. It will provide guidance on the optimum commercially available devices through a detailed comparison of their relative merits. At the heart of the VILT course is sensor calibration which is a crucial element for these topics. The VILT course will also examine the various types of flow control valve, including Globe, Slide, Needle, Eccentric plug and Ball valves and their characteristics in industrial application, while focusing on the problems of Cavitation and Flashing and methods to minimise or eradicate these issues. With the use of examples, industry case studies and a wide range of videos, the VILT course will also cover all aspects of proportional (P), derivative (D) and integral (I) control. In particular, it will address the advantages and disadvantages of PI and PID control. It will also describe Cascade, Feed forward, Split Range, Override and Ratio Control techniques.

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