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Power system protection relays operate when there is a disturbance of the voltages, currents, or frequency on the high voltage network, preventing or minimising their effects on the affected plant. The overarching objective of protection systems is to ensure fast, reliable, and selective clearance of unwanted conditions within the high voltage network. In other words, to ensure safety of personnel, public and equipment, while minimising disruptions to the power network. The protection systems are therefore a critical part of the high voltage network, and understanding how they operate and how to design them is essential for the safe and reliable operation of an electric power system. In many cases the protection system cannot prevent faults from occurring, but it can and must limit their effects. The protection schemes must detect faults, but also apply discrimination in isolating the faulty section, and prevent spurious operations during healthy conditions which may appear as faults. As protection systems play an important part in determining high voltage network expansion limitations, day to day operation and equipment maintenance activities, a solid understanding of relay protection is important for planning, system control and asset management engineers and technicians. This VILT is intended to cover HV and MV with voltage levels from 11kV to 330kV.

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