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Tripod can be used in any area of business where the organisation has a management system in place to prevent unwanted events e.g., health, safety, environment, quality, security, productivity, project management, and many more

Tripod Beta is one of several tools based on Tripod’s fundamental principles. Tripod Beta is based on proven theories, man years of academic research, and testing in the workplace. The Swiss Cheese Model originated from this work.

Features of the methodology are:
1) the Tripod Beta diagram; it provides an easy-to-read summary of the entire investigation on a single page,
2) it accommodates deficiencies in leadership and worker participation,
3) it accommodates deficiencies in human behaviour, and
4) it highlights missing controls (not just controls that failed).

Quality throughout all aspects of Tripod is assured by the Stichting Tripod Foundation (STF) and the Energy Institute.

The participants will gain a theoretical understanding of the Tripod Beta methodology and terminology. They will be able to read Tripod diagrams and reports, and be able to assist incident investigation/analysis as a team member.  This is the first step to becoming an accredited silver or gold practitioner.

Tripod Beta Practitioner Accreditation is meant to build these skills, through a blend of support, coaching and assessments. Feedback is provided on Tripod incident investigation reports, giving the Practitioner the opportunity to hone their skills and become confident in their ability to use Tripod effectively.

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