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This VILT will cover all aspects of ultra supercritical steam power plants and advanced ultra supercritical power plants. These plants have achieved a net electrical efficiency of 50%. This efficiency is significantly higher than the efficiency of conventional power plants which is around 33%. This indicates that ultra supercritical power plants burn 50% less fuel than conventional power plants to produce the same amount of power. The ultra supercritical power plants burn coal and biomass. The environmental emissions of these plants are significantly lower than conventional power plants. Some ultra supercritical power plants employ carbon capture technology. This makes them more environmentally friendly than any other type of power plants. They also have higher reliability and lower capital, operation and maintenance cost than conventional power plants. Large number of ultra supercritical power plants are being built around the world today. China will be installing more than 100,000 MW of ultra supercritical power plants and advanced ultra supercritical power plants during this decade. Several countries around the world have embarked on a program to replace their conventional coal power plants with ultra supercritical power plants due to their high efficiency, and reliability and low capital, operation and maintenance cost. Ultra supercritical power plants provide significant economical and environmental advantage over any other type of conventional power plants.

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