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More energy companies today are setting ambitious net-zero targets and are expected to pour billions into the voluntary carbon offset market by the end of this decade. To get to net zero emissions, companies will need to balance emissions with nature and technology-based offsets. Markets are the best tool for connecting carbon sources and sinks. Many countries will not have enough supply inside their borders and will need to co-operate with those who have extra greenhouse gas removal potential.

The energy industry is in search of effective climate tools as pressure mounts from investors and consumers for more progress on fighting rising emissions. Corporations fighting to cut their carbon footprint have for years focused on internal reduction measures. Many are now adding to that effort by turning to carbon credits, a process made easier as verification and registration tools mature.

One particular category of carbon offsets leads the way: high-quality, nature-based carbon credits. These represent the largest category of carbon credit projects in the voluntary carbon market, comprising nearly half of credits issued. Public concern about this practice focused on the additionality, leakage, and integrity of carbon offsets that are created through reforestation, land preservation, carbon capture and other projects.

Lack of standardization and government regulation has also increased uncertainty for all participants in carbon markets, creating risks for developers of credit-generating projects and offset purchasers. Demand for higher-quality offsets will value projects that were subjected to due diligence and rely upon reputable third-party verification. Companies purchasing offsets generated by permanent and quantifiable projects will therefore be in the best position moving forward.

In this highly interactive training course, your course instructor will guide you through the latest developments and best procurement practices to successfully operate in the voluntary carbon market.

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