About this Micro Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This Micro VILT is for anyone who has to present technical or non technical reports in meetings or conferences. Increasingly, not only do report writers have to write an effective summary, they often have to present their summary via PowerPoint. Unfortunately, many people feel they only have time to simply cut and paste text from their reports onto slides—then read them to the audience! This Micro VILT will show participants how to prepare and deliver an effective summary using PowerPoint. We will look at two key aspects of preparing:
  • Who are my audience?
  • What is my objective?
With these two questions, summaries will have clear focus, and impact. After a discussion on how to structure the summary, we will focus on PowerPoint use. Effective presenters know how to design and use slides for their audience’s benefit – always remembering the objectives in the time available. Finally, we will look at delivery. We will discuss the importance of verbal and non-verbal aspects of delivery. This naturally focuses on a key instrument for every presenter – the voice – and the do’s and don’ts of body language. We will end by stressing the crucial role of rehearsals – the key aspect which takes presenters from mediocrity to excellence.   Micro VILT Group Pricing: SGD$1,200 per person / USD$ 889 per person (Minimum 5 persons per group session) For more details on pricing for larger groups or customisation of course outline, call us at +65 6741 9927 or email [email protected]   Delivery of this Micro VILT: The Micro VILT will be delivered through Zoom, MS Teams or equivalent video conference platforms in combination with other online interactive training tools.   Micro VILT Duration: The Micro VILT will be delivered online in 1 session comprising 4 hours, with 2 breaks. Micro VILT Course Materials: All participants will receive softcopy course materials (PDF format).   Breakdown of Modules: Preparing your summary
  1. Topic, Audience and Objectives
  2. Structuring your summary
Improving your PowerPoint skills
  1. PowerPoint: do’s and don’ts
  2. Visuals that work
  3. To animate or not to animate?
Delivering with impact
  1. Verbal and non-verbal communication
  2. Controlling your body language
  3. The Three Golden Rules of Effective Presenting

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