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Identifying and correcting the root cause of failures in boilers and steam power plant equipment is essential to help reduce the chance of future problems. A comprehensive assessment is the most effective method of determining the root cause of a failure. For example, a tube failure in a boiler is usually a symptom of other problems. To fully understand the root cause of the failure, one must investigate all aspects of boiler operation leading to the failure in addition to evaluating the failure itself. When a boiler tube failure occurs, the root cause of the failure must be identified and eliminated.

This 5 full-day course starts by providing an in-depth understanding of root cause analysis methodology. This includes how to identify the problem, contain and analyze the problem, define the root cause of the problem, define and implement the actions required to eliminate the root cause, and validate that the corrective actions prevented recurrence of the problem. Many practical examples on how to apply root cause analysis for various industrial problems are discussed in detail.

The course then provides an in-depth explanation of all failure mechanisms that occur in steam power plants including corrosion, erosion, creep, cavitation, under-deposit attacks, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement, flow accelerated corrosion, etc. This course also provides a thorough explanation of all the failure mechanisms that occur in boilers and steam power plant equipment including steam turbines, condensers, feedwater heaters, etc. The symptoms of the failures, possible causes, components typically affected and solutions are also provided in this course. This includes boiler waterside, fireside and general boiler failure mechanisms as well as all the causes and prevention of all steam turbine failures, condensers, and feedwater heaters. The course also includes detailed study of many case histories of failures in boilers, steam turbines, condensers and feedwater heaters.

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