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Carbonate sequences are extremely complex to characterize in terms of reservoir geometries and properties. Carbonate sequences are developed under the control not only of physical but also biological parameters and results in a variety of geometries that vary greatly in 3D. These intervals are also strongly affected by shallow to deep burial diagenetic process that modify the reservoir properties of the different facies and impact on the geometries and distribution of reservoir facies. Finally carbonate sequences are also often affected by fault and fracturing that strongly control the circulation of fluids within these sequences. Seismic can be often an excellent tool to map the different depositional settings and to understand the distribution, vertical and lateral variability of good reservoir intervals.

This course introduces to the complexity associated to carbonate sequences and the best way to characterize them using 2D and 3D seismic. Several case studies from around the world will be also shown. In each module various examples from around the world and from different tectonic settings and different carbonate depositional settings will be shown. Most of the modules will have also real case studies with 2D and 3D seismic to better explain and visualize the key concepts.

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