This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course has been developed to provide insights into this exiting phase of LNG usage; as marine fuel and delivering natural gas to smaller and/or previously inaccessible locations and markets. It will evaluate and compare distribution networks, choices and limitations of vessel size, cargo containment and the need for fit-for-purpose transfer systems, operational procedures and processes, including cargo quantity and quality determination and documentation. It will review vessel operations, training and certification standards, the interface with fixed and floating terminals, the legislative and day-to-day operations criteria to ensure safe and reliable deliveries. The VILT course will cover developments in global Supply & Demand for LNG, its Pricing and how Environmental Legislation is affecting choices of marine fuel and propulsion systems and the extent to which LNG can meet these new and stringent criteria. Learning Modules will compare the deal economics of ocean-going cargoes with the challenges of the “Last Mile” delivery in the small-scale supply chain, how this affects costs and thus comparative fuel/energy pricing.

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