About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) 

The Advanced Reservoir Engineering VILT course will address modern practical aspects of reservoir engineering during 5 half-days packed with lectures, virtual exercises, discussions and literature reviews. The participants’ understanding of fundamental concepts and modern practical reservoir engineering methods will be deepened and a wide range of topics will be addressed. Topics covered The VILT course will emphasise reservoir engineering applications and include topics such as:
  1. Rock properties of clastic and carbonate reservoirs
  2. Reservoir characterisation
  3. Reservoir fluid behaviour
  4. Identification of main production mechanisms
  5. Design and analysis of well tests
  6. Production forecasting
  7. Application of Decline Curve Analysis in mature fields
  8. Detailed modeling of wells and reservoirs
  9. Water flooding
  10. Application of EOR methods
  11. Reserves and resource estimation
  12. Reservoir simulation approaches, model construction and well, aquifer and fluid modelling
  13. Development planning
  14. Uncertainty handling and scenario methods
Depending on the background and requirements of the participants, some topics may be given more emphasis.  

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