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This 3 half-day course is designed to give a clear businessperson’s summary of the technological, market and economic/competitive issues around the key commodities which can be decarbonised through the use of clean hydrogen in their production.

It will examine direct derivatives such as ammonia, methanol and synfuels, along with the impact clean hydrogen may have on the production and trading of other products such as green steel.

Clear explanations will be given on technological pathways and key terminologies, in language accessible to non-engineers and commercial businesspeople. The positioning of these hydrogen derivatives in both current and potential future markets will be presented, framed with discussion around the economic and competitive factors which will determine market growth

As well as explaining key concepts, the presented content will draw on current market examples, published models, scenarios and forecasts, and on fundamental physical and chemical constraints (for example illustrated by utilising simple calculations and quantifications).

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