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This 5 full-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of all the commissioning procedures for combined cycle power plants. The Commissioning Management System (CMS) of combined cycle power plants is covered in detail in this course. This includes all the commissioning procedures and documents, purpose of commissioning, responsibilities, system description, organization, working parties, test teams, documentation, testing and commissioning schedules, test reports, safety, plant certification, and plant completion report.

The course provides also a thorough understanding of all the commissioning requirements for gas turbines, steam turbines and auxiliaries, generator and auxiliaries, electrical equipment, switchgear equipment, switchgear and transformers.

All the stages of the commissioning procedure are covered in-depth in this course. This includes preparation - planning various activities, pre-commissioning checks and tests, typical commissioning schedule, detailed tests and commissioning procedures and instructions for every component in a combined cycle power plant, instrumentation, trial run of the equipment, safety and precautions, commissioning of combined cycle power plant systems, safety rules clearance certificates, procedure for the control and handling of defects, commissioning reports, operational testing, first fire, generator synchronization, performance testing, heat rate testing, emission testing, contract testing, CO2 concentration tests, electrical full-load rejection test, duct burner testing, partial load stability test, and reliability test.

This course is a MUST for anyone who is involved in the pre-commissioning or commissioning of any combined cycle power plant equipment because it provides detailed pre-commissioning checks and tests, and detailed tests and commissioning procedures and instructions for every component in a combined cycle power plant. In addition, the seminar provides an in-depth coverage of all preparation, planning activities, commissioning schedules, trial run of each combined cycle power plant equipment, safety and precautions, safety rules clearance certificates, procedures for handling defects, and commissioning reports.

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