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The restricted mineralogy of Carbonate Reservoirs and their susceptibility to post-depositional changes greatly influences their petrophysical behaviour and effects on fluid movement. This Micro VILT will examine depositional textures and mineralogy and post-depositional changes, particularly pore fabrics and their effects on fluid movement. Wettability in carbonate reservoir can be variable and may change during production. Combined with highly differing pore networks, wettability may strongly influence capillary activity, charge and resultant saturation as well as subsequent drainage.   Micro VILT Group Pricing: SGD$1,200 per person / USD$ 889 per person (Minimum 5 persons per group session) For more details on pricing for larger groups or customisation of course outline, call us at +65 6741 9927 or email [email protected]   Delivery of this Micro VILT: The Micro VILT will be delivered through Zoom, MS Teams or equivalent video conference platforms in combination with other online interactive training tools.   Micro VILT Duration: The Micro VILT will be delivered online in 1 session comprising 4 hours, with 2 breaks. Micro VILT Course Materials: All participants will receive softcopy course materials (PDF format).   Breakdown of Modules: Module 1: Carbonate Sediments: depositional textures and mineralogy
  1. Carbonate diagenesis: Post-depositional changes, porosity development and connectivity considerations
  2. Exercise on pore identification and measured core data
Module 2: Wettability in carbonate reservoirs
  1. What is it and why are large numbers of carbonate reservoirs oil wet?
  2.  Effects on reservoir behaviour
  3. Capillary pressure and Fluid saturations
  4. Exercise: Matching pore types to capillary pressures
Module 3: Capillary pressure and fluid saturations (continued)
  1. Rock typing and modelling
  2. Exercise on rock typing and petrophysical modelling

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