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In today’s highly competitive and increasingly uncertain environment, it is now imperative for Oil & Gas companies to forecast more accurately and also more frequently. In a recent survey by the CFO Journal, over 70% of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) stated that improving their forecasting, planning and analysis processes was their number one priority. It is clear that the old ways of doing things is not sustainable and cannot continue. This 2-day training course provides participants with a solid introduction to the principles of budgeting and forecasting and its practical application to real-world situations. The course also shows how to apply the principles and best practices regarding Oil & Gas budgets cultivated by companies in new and existing projects. It is designed for participants who are new to budgeting and forecasting, and those who have been in operating in this role for some time but would like to update their knowledge to the latest in financial planning and analysis practices. Lastly, the course addresses the internal issues that arise in large companies: politics, remuneration, resistance to change, organisational hierarchies, and the underlying technologies that enable the change required for effective budgeting and forecasting. The principles in this course are applicable for both upstream and downstream businesses.  

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