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This 5-day course provides an advanced level of understanding of the geomechanical factors that affect wellbore and reservoir instability. The course is structured such that upon completion, the participants will have understood the value that geomechanics can bring to drilling, completion and production operations and will be able to leverage this value wherever it applies.

The course emphasis will be on integrating the topics presented through a combination of lectures, case-studies and hands-on exercises. A special focus will be on how geomechanics knowledge is extracted from routinely acquired well data and how it is applied in the prediction and prevention of instability throughout life-of-field.

Course Highlights The course is essentially non-mathematical and makes wide use of diagrams, pictures and exercises to illustrate the essential concepts of geomechanics
  • Essential Rock Mechanics Principles
  • Wellbore Stability Analyses – prediction, observation and mitigation techniques
  • Anisotropic Stresses and Rock Properties for unconventional shale gas projects
  • Reservoir Geomechanics – consequences of depletion (or injection) for drilling, well construction and carbon capture (CCS) projects
  • Lost Circulation – mechanisms and wellbore strengthening applications
  • Sand Production – prediction and management
  • Input to Hydraulic Fracture design
  • Salt – movement and instability around salt domes

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