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The industry is surrounded with examples of poor Turnarounds, which have injured people and damaged businesses. If Turnarounds are not properly planned, managed and controlled, companies run the risks of serious safety and budget penalties, costly schedule delays and negative impacts on customers. As a consequence, operators are starting to explore Turnaround best practices and establish a more robust methodology.

Turnarounds are the highest risk activity that we routinely perform in the industry, but they are also an area of massive variability in approach and outcome. Central to the variability is a lack of written methodologies and training – there are around 1,000 times as many books on maintenance as there are on turnaround management. All too often companies see Turnarounds as something to be survived and therefore it is no surprise that most Turnarounds fail.

This 4 full-day course is based upon the Carcharodon “Best of the Best” model of excellence for shutdown management with inputs from people who have done it from the trenches along with some of the world’s most experienced shutdown specialists. All this experience has been condensed into a core methodology – our blueprint for success. It converts Turnarounds from a high-risk nuisance to a business opportunity. It has been used on multiple sites around the world, has been the basis of two books and is also supplemented by a roadmap for building and controlling a successful Turnaround.

This is a certificate course where participants will have the option to participate for a short exam on the final day of the course to gain a Certificate in Advanced Turnaround, Shutdown & Outage Management from EnergyEdge and the Academy of Turnarounds Operations and Maintenance (ATOM).

The purpose of this course is to equip the participants on the use of the Model of Excellence for Turnarounds and the principles of Challenge Planning to equip attendees with an advanced approach to Turnaround Management. The course is backed by real situations, high levels of interaction, group exercises and multiple case studies. It will explore the underlying mechanisms and levers that shape a Turnaround to demonstrate why we sometimes succeed or fail and introduce new conceptual approaches that can increase our chances of succeeding.

The Academy for Turnarounds, Operations & Maintenance (ATOM)

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