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Fueled by rising concerns on urban air pollution, energy security, and climate change, hydrogen is being considered as a sustainable fuel for the future. According to the Hydrogen Roadmap Europe, large-scale decarbonization in transport, industry, and related facilities will require the use of hydrogen. Hence, the blending of hydrogen into the natural gas grid as well as the use of pure hydrogen are now under increasing consideration. However, the transition to hydrogen is certainly not a straightforward process, and presents some unique challenges. One of these challenges is the negative effect that hydrogen has on the properties of materials, otherwise known as hydrogen embrittlement.

This training course will be particularly relevant for those planning to invest in new equipment which will contain or transport hydrogen or mixed gases. The goal of this course is to provide insights to engineers and project managers working on hydrogen processes who are concerned with the specific risks of hydrogen installations.

This course is delivered in partnership with ENGIE Laborelec.

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