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The growth in size, numbers of ships and volumes of LPG transported in the last decade has been continual and steady, despite the pandemics and geopolitical tensions. The global LPG production has grown by 5.75% in 2021 as per WLPGA Report. This 2 full-day course highlights the latest developments in Voyage and Time Charterparties Charterparty Forms for LPG Tankers. The focus is how to give up the old habit of using ASBATANKVOY Form and make best use of LPG vessels specific Charter Party Agreements and avoid the ambiguity of dormant clauses when using legacy Charter Party Forms for Oil Tankers.

This course and workshop is exclusively developed and regularly updated “by and for” the professionals, engaged in niche segments of LPG Tankers (Ship Owners, Charterers, Terminal Operators and Brokers) for LPG related cargoes. Whether freight rates are high or inadequate to meet daily running costs of a vessel, the terms of engagement or the Charterparty must be reviewed microscopically. One must ensure that all risks are well apportioned and appropriately mitigated. The number of intermediaries, multi-party transactions, Bills of Lading for multiple parcels, impose new and unknown risks for LPG Tanker Owners and Stakeholders in the Value Chain.

“Each Clause of the Charterparty should be drafted in context of the Vessel Capability, Number of Parties, Purpose and the Nature of the Cargo, taking into consideration present and future Sanctions, Pandemics and Geopolitical Tensions!”

In this workshop, the participants will be able to acquire new expertise from real life experiences with new CPA Forms, enabling them to deal better with the contemporary challenges, facing Gas Export, Import and transportation by LPG Tankers.

This course can also be offered through Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) format.

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