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This 5 full-day course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the design of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers. The design of all CFB boiler components and equipment including furnace, cyclones, economizers, superheaters, reheaters, loop seals, expansion joints, refractory, and L-valves will be covered in detail. All potential operating problems and major operating problems, corrective actions and maintenance required for CFB boilers will be covered thoroughly.

This course will focus on designing CFB boilers that have the highest efficiency, and maximum longevity and capacity factor. All the common problems encountered in CFB Boilers will be discussed in detail.This includes thermally induced failures, anchor system induced failures, water walls tube failures, NMEJ damages, clinker formation, refractory damages, APH tube chock-up, erosion and corrosion. The solutions to each of these problems will be presented. All repair and refurbishment methods, preventive and predictive maintenance required for CFB boilers will be covered in-depth.

Several studies have confirmed that CFB boilers are the best method for power generation.This is due to their fuel flexibility, and lowest electricity cost among all types of boilers. This technology is in great demand due to various other advantages such as lower emissions as compared to other types of boilers and has a carbon footprint well below the norms laid down by the World Bank emission requirements.

This course is a MUST for anyone who is involved in the design, operation or maintenance of circulating fluidized bed boilers, because it covers how these boilers are designed and provides guidelines and rules that ensure the CFB boilers have great performance. This course will also provide up-dated information in respect to the design of supercritical once-through CFB boilers and ultra supercritical CFB boilers.

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