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Injecting water, sand, and chemicals into shale and tight rock formations deep underground has unlocked vast hydrocarbon reserves previously considered uneconomical to exploit. Over the past decade, fracking has transformed US into the world’s largest oil producer. It has also made America an exporter of oil and gas - something once unthinkable. A knowledge of this technology is essential for every oil and gas industry professional. At the same time, a deep understanding of the processes involved behind the mere horizontal wells, multistage fracturing, and fracturing chemicals is important for engineers and scientists to fully exploit this technology and use it in an optimum way. How can we assimilate the US experience gained after fracking some 1.5 million well? Replicating the US experience of tight and shale gas fracturing outside its home, is a billion-dollar question that we will attempt to answer in this course. Hydraulic fracturing has many dimensions – drilling, completion, fluids, reservoir, geomechanics, fracture modelling and design, fracturing operation, production and reservoir management. We will cover these topics in-depth from the basics to the latest developments and the technologies involved. There is also a lot of controversy about environmental concerns. The lack of knowledge is so severe that even some aspiring presidents are talking about banning fracking. How valid are these concerns surrounding the pollution of our drinking water and cause of earthquakes by fracking? It is important for professionals in the Oil & Gas industry to have an in-depth understanding of such risks and concerns rather than believe hearsay.

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