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Electrification of the transportation sector will impact the power system in several ways. Besides the additional load, local impact on the grid needs to be managed by the grid operators. Simultaneously charging of many electric vehicles (EVs) might exceed the limits in specific locations. On the other hand, EVs can provide flexibility and other ancillary services that will help grid operators. This 3 half-day VILT course will provide a complete overview of integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into the power grid. It will cover the whole value chain from grid operations to the car battery. This includes the control room, possible grid reinforcement, demand side management and power electronics. This course will demonstrate the impact on the grid and solutions for a safe & cost-effective grid plan and operation, with examples of successful integration of EVs. The course will also provide vital knowledge about technology used for EVs such as power electronics, demand side management, communication and batteries. In this context, the focus will be on power electronics as it has the highest impact on the grid. The grid planning tool, pandapower, is introduced as an open source tool for power system modelling. The set-up of the training course allows for discussion and questions. Questions can be formulated by the participants upfront or during the training.
This course is delivered in partnership with Fraunhofer IEE.

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