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About this Course

Batteries are going to play an increasingly important role in the energy grid. An increasing number of developers are looking to add battery storage systems (BESS) into their existing projects. However future cash flows are highly uncertain and they are often unsure exactly how battery technology can be monetised. A strong revenue model requires stacking of different revenue sources.

As the share of variable renewable sources in electricity systems further increase, battery systems are expected to play a growing role by providing frequency control and operational reserves as well as for wholesale arbitrage, while helping reduce grid integration costs. The more volatile electricity prices are, the greater the earning potential of batteries trading electricity on various electricity markets.

BESS can generate revenue streams in several different ways; through a frequency response contract with the TSO, by providing grid services in other ways or by arbitrage through buying cheap power and selling power for a higher price in a liquid wholesale market.

Because batteries are efficient, the round trip efficiency is also high. They can spread arbitrage trading much better than other storage types and in many cases, other asset classes.

For companies that combine a battery with other tasks, for example to store power from their own panels, or to avoid a costly heavy power connection, the investment is less risky than for those that purely focus on arbitrage trading. It is uncertain whether electricity prices will fluctuate more violently in the coming years, or whether the peaks will actually level off.

During this highly interactive training, the trainer will provide you with the latest insights and best practices on how to obtain the maximum economic benefits when participating with BESS in the electricity market.

By the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of BESS technologies now and in the future
  • Explore possible revenue streams in Asian power markets
  • Learn about the different BESS cost structures
  • Uncover the best practice commercial and agreement arrangements
  • Compare the difference between PPP and merchant BESS projects

Access best practices from:

  • Advanced markets such as Texas, California, UK, Germany and Italy.
  • Agreements for stand-alone vs. hybrid PPA BESS projects
  • BESS project design and implementation processes

Professionals and executives from Power Utilities, Energy Companies, Financial & Investment Banks, Renewable Power Project Developers, Transmission System Operators and Energy Industry Regulators will find this training course useful.

  • Electricity Marketing and Traders
  • New Venture or Business Development Executives
  • Corporate Finance and Treasury Executives
  • Audit and Risk Management Executives
  • Power or Utility Market Research Analysts
  • Investment Managers for Renewable Power Projects
  • Origination Professionals
  • Regulation, Compliance and Documentation Officers
  • Lawyers and Accountants
  • Power Transmission and Distributions Engineers

This will be addressing new technologies but not from an engineering perspective.

  • Intermediate

Your Expert Course Instructor is a skilled and accomplished professional with over 25 years of extensive C-level experience in the energy markets worldwide. He has a strong expertise in all the aspects of (energy) commodity markets, international sales, marketing of services, derivatives trading, staff training and risk management within dynamic and high-pressure environments.

Your Expert Course Instructor received a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Utrecht in 1987. He started his career at the NLKKAS, the Clearing House of the Commodity Futures Exchange in Amsterdam. After working for the NLKKAS for five years, He was appointed as Member of the Management Board of the Agricultural Futures Exchange (ATA) in Amsterdam at the age of 31. While working for the Clearing House and exchange, He became an expert in all the aspects of trading and risk management of commodities. In 1997, he founded his own specialist-consulting firm that provides strategic advice about (energy) commodity markets, trading and risk management.

Your Expert Course Instructor has advised government agencies such as the European Commission, investment banks, major utilities and commodity trading companies and various energy exchanges and market places in Europe, CEE countries, North America and Asia. Some of the issues he has advised on are the development and implementation of a Risk Management Framework, investment strategies, trading and hedging strategies, initiation of Power Exchanges (APX) and other trading platforms, the set-up of (OTC) Clearing facilities, and feasibility and market studies like for the Oil, LNG and the Carbon Market. The latest additions are (Corporate) PPAs and Artificial Intelligence for energy firms.

Your Expert Course Instructor has given numerous seminars, workshops and (in-house) training sessions about both the physical and financial trading and risk management of commodity and carbon products. The courses have been given to companies all over the world, in countries like Japan, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Malaysia, China, India, Belgium and the Netherlands.

He has published several articles in specialist magazines such as Commodities Now and Energy Risk and he is the co-author of a book called A Guide to Emissions Trading: Risk Management and Business Implications published by Risk Books in 2004.

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