About this Training Course 

The course will introduce participants to petroleum economics in the upstream oil
and gas business, providing them with the knowledge, language and tools to improve their commercial business awareness and to sharpen their focus on value creation. The course will enable them to understand the vital role petroleum economics plays in the E&P industry.

It guides management of National OilCompanies and International Oil companies in decision making when it comes to awarding Petroleum Contracts, Acquiring Assets, Field Development Plans and Gas Sales Agreements and Final Investments Decisions; amongst others.

This program brings together the process of Petroleum economic; explaining how the
inputs from geology, petroleum engineering, Front End Engineering and cost
engineering are utilized to perform petroleum economics and how the results are
utilized by management of oil & gas in their decision making process.

By the end of the training, the participants will be able to :

  • Understand how Petroleum Economics drives the entire oil/gas industry.
  • Learn how decision making by Management of International Oil & Gas Companies (IOC) is made on the basis of economic evaluation helps National OilCompanies (NOC) better manage the country’s reserves and resources to extract the maximum value from the country’s hydrocarbon resources.
  • Understand the criteria used in IOC’s decision making in investment decisions and approving projects will help NOC in monetizing the reserves of the country.

Senior Managers, Managers and Executives handling petroleum contracts and
operation of Production Sharing contracts.