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About this Training Course 

The Significance and Application of Artificial Intelligence in Oil & Gas

Artificial Intelligence is probably the most important technology development of this decade. Artificial Intelligence attempts to simulate several key human capabilities. Simply put, it is a tool that looks for hidden patterns in a massive pool of data that most energy companies are acquiring or developing in business daily. These patterns have predictive value. Machines that can learn from these massive amounts of data can help you make faster, better and cheaper decisions.

Machine learning and other big data applications could save the oil & gas industry as much as $50 billion in the coming decade, according to management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Since the fall of the global oil price in 2014, companies have increasingly been looking at technology to secure reducing costs, improving efficiency and minimizing downtime. Whether it is to optimize processes at the front end of the hydrocarbons life cycle or to provide support for inexperienced professionals, the oil & gas sector will be increasingly turning to machine-led intelligence to drive improvements in the years to come.

By attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Get an overview on how Artificial Intelligence can help in making faster, better, and cheaper data-driven decisions
  • Understand how Artificial Intelligence can increase profitability by increasing production, streamlining the supply chain, or reducing engineering time.
  • Learn how to align business strategy and Artificial Intelligence
  • Determine what the challenges are in implementing Artificial Intelligence
  • Get a clear overview of the way forward on how to implement Artificial Intelligence in the oil and gas upstream business

Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers, scientists, business support professionals as well as technology officers responsible for identifying and adopting new innovative technologies in the energy business
  • Professionals who want to improve decision making and efficiency in the company by adopting new technologies such as Big data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

The Approach of this Course

In this 3-day highly practical and interactive training course, we will take participants through the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and share how to apply it to the oil and gas upstream business areas.

The program is structured in such a way that a very good balance between theory and practice will be achieved. From experience we know that we will get the best results when the participants are actively involved. All the topics will be explained in-depth with the use of practical examples, real-life case studies and simulations.

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