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About this Training Course 

The Oil & Gas industry has had a volatile ride for the last decade. Oil prices have been fluctuating between $30 and $130/bbl and now with Shale oil appearing as a serious competitor and LNG positioning itself more as the transition fuel of the future. Of course we never knew what we do not know but it seems to be getting more unclear what the future holds, especially for the oil & gas industry. Uncertainty seems to rule, and turbulence of our business environment seems to be reaching a new climax year after year, and the end of common strategic planning is in sight.

The main culprit or accelerator here is technology enabled innovation. Would you have thought that social networking tools, developed to engage communities, such as Twitter and Facebook would have aided the overthrow of governments? It has been said before that the Stone Age did not end due to lack of stones. One technology break- through in battery technology or superconductivity might completely change the energy world and with it the massive oil & gas industry and infrastructure that now fuel the world economy.

This Master Class is about crafting and executing a resilient technology strategy supported by strategic innovation. The course introduces the concept of Scenario Planning linked to a long-term Strategic Innovation Strategy. It attempts to cover important questions such as how to identify relevant innovation domains and how to fill these domains with projects that allow the company to grow in an uncertain world.


What this course will focus on:

  • Futures; uncertainty in a complex world
  • Scenarios; how to make them practical
  • Strategic Innovation; Planning and executing

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Design and build long term scenarios to explore strategic expectations
  • To be able to define a long term innovation strategy focused on possible future needs supported by long term business scenarios
  • Understand stage-gated technology development and innovation
  • Learn how to value a portfolio of innovation projects, use various ‘lenses’ to manage and cull.
  • Use scenario thinking linked to innovation to create options for new ventures
  • Deploy transparent and structured frameworks for new ways of doing business
  • Understand and minimise risk in technology investment decisions
  • Safeguard enterprise and growth against black swan events
  • Balance bottom up innovation with top down corporate strategy

This course is recommended for

  • Analyst
  • Business development professionals
  • Business unit leaders and managers across the energy, oil & gas value chain
  • Change management professionals
  • Economists, risk management managers
  • Information and Technology systems professionals
  • Planners
  • Professional who involved in driving change and innovation in the organisation
  • Strategist

*University level degree preferred

*Familiarity with the energy business will be essential.

UNIQUE FEATURES of this training course:

The course format will include lectures interspersed with exercises where the participants make their own long-term scenarios; identify technology domains to support these scenarios and finish with an implementation plan.

Discussions and exercises will use existing scenarios developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), Shell and others as examples.


Your course leader’s career in the Oil & Gas industry spans more than 30 years in the areas of Production Engineering, Strategic Innovation and Scenario Planning, Renewable Energy and New Business Development in Shell globally. He became President of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in 2009. As President of the SPE, he travelled the Energy world and built an extensive external network in the oil and gas industry.

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