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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Climate change is a significant risk to our global societies as well as our local and global economy. This interactive 2 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) beginner’s course in climate accounting will equip managers to understand and apply a range of standards and tools that organisations can apply to shape their Climate Reporting.

This VILT course will provide participants with an introduction to the concept of climate reporting and carbon accounting. Standards such as the Greenhouse gas protocol will be introduced. In addition to equipping participants with the base knowledge to understand climate reporting, this VILT course will also build a bridge between climate reporting and financial reporting. It covers the concept of materiality in considering what climate-related matters are important to financial statement users and also areas of IFRS based financial reporting likely to be affected by climate-related matters.

By the end of this VILT course, participants will:

  • Understand emerging regulatory developments across the globe in terns of climate reporting
  • Gain a comprehension of voluntary and mandatory standards and regulations that are used to prepare a climate reporting
  • Be equipped on an introduction to carbon accounting and the greenhouse gas protocol
  • Be able to identify key aspects for integrating climate-related matters into IFRS based financial statements
  • Be able to recognise when additional disclosures are to be shown in the financial statements to enable investors to understand the impact of climate-related matters

This VILT course is intended for accounting professionals in particular those in charge of or contributing to the preparation of sustainability reports. Professionals such as general managers who will need to understand the standards and regulations behind sustainability reporting will also benefit from attending this VILT course.

Your expert course leader is an experienced educator and researcher based in Denmark and specializing in International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and other international accounting and auditing issues.

Since finalizing her Ph.D. in auditing, she has carried out research on the development of public sector accounting at the global level and delivers training for various public sector entities on International Standards of Auditing (ISA) as well as on the interpretation and application of IPSAS.

She previously spent 3 years in Japan teaching and researching emerging accounting and auditing issues, and she also worked for a United Nations agency for eight years. Recently, she has been expanding her work into the area of companies reporting on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), integrated reporting practices and materiality assessments of CSR reports.

Session 1:

  • What is Climate Reporting?
  • An introduction to terminology
  • Overview of global trends
  • Overview mandatory requirements for Climate Reporting
  • Introduction to carbon accounting

Session 2:

  • Understanding materiality assessment
  • Discuss areas of IFRS based financial reporting probable to be affected by climate-related matters
  • Climate disclosures and audit considerations

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