Marine and Offshore > Development of Environmentally Safe and Energy Efficient Ship Management Culture

About this Training Course 

Against a backdrop of regulatory pressures, ship owners and managers are feeling the heat to de-escalate rising costs of owning and managing ships while simultaneously ensure the safety and energy efficiency of new and existing ships.

This comprehensive 3-day course has been designed as a result of rising costs and increasing regulatory controls as well as in support of the green revolution for a clean and healthy environment. This course represents the first of its kind, with a uniquely designed curriculum.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a comprehensive refresher about the relevant and latest regulations pertaining to Energy Efficiency Management in accordance with IMO Regulations and Guidelines
  • Gain insights with a view of energy conservation and optimising costs of operations
  • Learn methodologies for sustainable savings without compromising safety
  • Cultivate culture of innovation and conservation of resources in all aspects of operations
  • Develop implementation plans with robust monitoring and controls for achieving targeted savings and deliverables

This course will benefit:

  • Ship owners
  • Ship managers
  • Fleet directors
  • Operations managers
  • Masters
  • Chief engineers
  • All personnel engaged in design, development and running of ships

It is also suitable for participants who are familiar with the EEDI or fresh to the concepts of EEMPs.

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