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About this training course

This course is delivered as a scenario-based course to provide knowledge of High-Pressure and High-Temperature (HPHT) well design, drilling and completion operations. The course is specifically designed to provide an understanding of the challenges associated with the design and construction of HPHT wells. The course guides the participants to work through the various well design aspects starting from a geological well proposal with an estimated formation pressure and temperature profile. Working with real well data allows the participants to learn not only theory, technicalities and practicalities of drilling and completing HPHT wells but it also ensures that participants gain real experience in understanding the HPHT issues.

If the course is provided for an internal client project, the course scenario can easily be adapted to use the actual well data from the client. This provides participants with an independent insight into the HPHT challenges of their own well.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will be equipped with:

  • Challenges related to formation pressure predictions
  • The impact of high pressures and temperatures on well design aspects and well behavior during construction of the well
  • Understand the impact of temperatures and pressures on primary and secondary well barriers
  • Understand operational challenges associated with HPHT wells
  • HPHT Rig equipment requirements, including the use of Managed Pressure Drilling for HPHT wells
  • Well Delivery, fingerprinting, well bore breathing, high-reliability drilling practices
  • Well Control – practical well control for on bottom, off bottom and out of hole well control, kicks and losses

This course is intended for well engineers, drilling engineers, completion engineers and well service providers that are about to be involved in HPHT well design and drilling operations.

  • Intermediate

Well engineer and Dutch national based in Asia. Holds a master’s degree in Drilling Engineering from RGU combined with more than 45 years of experience in drilling and well engineering. Worked for operators, drilling contractors and service providers delivering well engineering solutions for complex wells. Involved in complex wells and well control operations for over 20 years. With a focus on wellbore pressures, well control and wellbore integrity. Wide experience in well design for different applications including air drilling, geothermal drilling, and managed pressure drilling operations. Actively involved with Abandonment verification, CCS wells, Geothermal well operations in Asia and in Europe. Actively conducting well integrity and casing design verifications for geothermal wells, HPHT, and conventional production wells.

Global authority in underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling Operations. Completed implementation of the first ultra deepwater MPD system. Completed over seventy blowout contingency plans and conducted several Well Control Emergency exercises.

Conducted several numerous well integrity reviews for CCS. Initial review of the wells in the Dutch North Sea for the Porthos, and Arthos CCS projects. Reviewed well integrity for over 150 legacy wells in potential CO2 storage fields. Active in well design for underground storage of natural gas, CO2, and Hydrogen storage in salt caverns and in depleted reservoirs.

As active well engineering instructor have presented over 70 well engineering courses ranging from introductory to advanced courses on specific well engineering aspects. Co-authored several SPE books and numerous SPE papers. Was SPE distinguished lecturer on underbalanced drilling and managed pressure drilling. He is an active member of SPE, IADC, the Energy Institute and is a Technical Advisor to IWCF.

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The course was well organised encompassed multiple discipline and risks with experience and illustration by training leader

RTOC Engineer, Reliance Industries Limited

Excellent training on course material, what I like most is it course. The basics on whereas advanced method associated with HPHT. Nicely explained the aspects of HPHT

RTOC Engineer, Reliance Industries Limited

It was a great & very knowledgeable courses. It has enhanced my basics as a production engineer. For the Trainer I would say ‘Keep It Up!

Production Engineer, Reliance Industries Limited