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About this training

This course is aimed at preparing participants to design and implement market entries in the emerging hydrogen markets worldwide. The course first provides the necessary tools to select attractive hydrogen markets based on defined criteria and business goals of the company entering the market. The course consequently defines different approaches to enter hydrogen markets based on the company starting point and comparative advantages, while also defining the business processes and team choices that would need to be made. In its last part, the course prepares participants for the different growth strategies possible and how these can be matched with the target markets and company goals.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gain an overview of hydrogen markets, value chains, production methods, and key policies across Europe and Asia.
  • Learn criteria and processes for selecting target hydrogen markets based on business goals.
  • Understand different approaches to entering hydrogen markets (direct investment, JVs, import/export etc) and their suitability.
  • Learn how to design effective business processes and build teams to support market entry.
  • Evaluate strategies for growing in target markets including product/market expansion, partnerships and demand creation.

This course is relevant for managers and specialists involved in evaluating, planning and implementing entry into new hydrogen markets and value chains across Europe and Asia. Participants would benefit from understanding of their company’s business goals and potential fit with emerging hydrogen market opportunities. The following audience will find this course applicable: Strategy or Business Development Directors, New Market Entry or Expansion Managers, M&A or JV Specialists, Product Managers, Market Analysts, Project Managers, Technical or R&D Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Policy or Regulatory Affairs Specialists

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