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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Whether you are maintaining an oil rig or processing plant, good quality maintenance is critical to delivering a safe reliable product to your customers. Whatever your level of maintenance experience, this course will equip you with the valuable skills and understanding that will enhance your maintenance career.

Too often the maintenance department is seen as the cause of why assets are unavailable, in poor condition yet are costing too much to maintain. By comparison, pace setting companies see maintenance as adding value to their assets and employ an integrated, holistic approach to their maintenance activities. This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course will help you move towards that pace setting performance.

This VILT course also has some specific COVID-19 content, specifically a risk assessment model along with the latest thinking on how to minimise the impact as we move into a COVID-19 constrained world. The Instructor’s team has been involved in two of the largest maintenance projects in the UK as the outbreak hit as well as facilitating digitisation projects that will help not just react to COVID-19 but also use this as a chance to evolve in a way we will value once the COVID-19 risk passes. This experience will be used to provide case studies and exercises for this course.

This VILT course is based on an integrated maintenance model that has been used by leading companies and consultants with success and recognised as best practice. Participants will learn the total impact that maintenance can have on a business, identify key elements (and value) of effective maintenance for their own plants to not only reduce costs but also improve performance. The critical types of maintenance will be covered from day-to-day activities to shutdowns and reliability improvement. The VILT course will break down traditional functional boundaries and encourage a holistic approach to maintenance.

With an organisation’s maintenance process only as good as its weakest link, this course will guide participants through all the key steps of a maintenance process and its supply chain. Participants will understand what is considered a good standard for each step in the maintenance process, how to identify the weakest links and subsequently how they can accelerate their performance improvement.

The Academy for Turnarounds, Operations & Maintenance (ATOM)

By the end of this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the challenges and objectives facing maintenance organisations today
  • Demonstrate the importance of work order systems and use techniques for time estimations and priority assignments
  • Prepare a preventive maintenance program
  • Apply project management techniques to effectively manage major maintenance activities and shut downs
  • Use capital budgeting techniques to evaluate maintenance capital expenditures
  • Demonstrate understanding of how to maintain the optimal stock levels of spare parts to ensure operational continuity
  • Prepare the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and improve performance in maintenance

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course is not just for maintenance professionals. Maintenance teams cannot perform without effective integration with operations and supply chain functions. Availability losses are often caused by operations or design issues and pace setting companies have generated significant benefits by integrating operation and maintenance strategies and working more collaboratively. This VILT course will help all members of the operations and maintenance teams and their supply chain better understand their respective roles in ensuring that maintenance is benefitting and not inhibiting their business.

Course methodology of this training course: Other than world-class visuals and slides, this course will include a high level of interaction between the facilitator and participants and group discussion among the participants themselves. There will be a number of case studies to demonstrate key points and also a minimum of one workshop exercise each day to give participants the chance to apply learning and appreciate key aspects of best practice. Participants will also have the chance to share examples from their own experience, discuss real problems they are facing and develop actions for improvement when they return to work. Examples of the exercises that are used in this course are as follows:

  • Exercise: Understanding the challenges and seeing the opportunities
  • Exercise: Developing a strategy
  • Group Exercise: Selecting maintenance plans
  • Group exercise: Case study failure
  • Group exercise: Planning work

The Key Attributes of The Academy for Turnarounds, Operations & Maintenance (ATOM), include the following:

– ATOM course content is independently reviewed by industry experts to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest industry-leading techniques and fully covers the syllabus.

– ATOM certified courses contain class-leading content independently verified by industry experts; the learning they will receive will keep
them ahead of their peers

– ATOM courses all have exams verified by industry experts. Delegates must pass the exam to receive the ATOM certification. Top scores will be awarded distinction

– ATOM certified courses all issue digital accreditation. You can share your success on social media and will have a permanent electronic record for current and future employers

Your expert course leader is a highly experienced facilitator in maintenance improvement, change management, continuous improvement and capability development as a management coach and trainer. He has a strong focus on people with an emphasis on developing people and the practicalities of improving maintenance performance rather than just the theory.

He has worked internationally across Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa with extensive experience in Oil and Gas, the Chemicals sector and manufacturing as well as working with clients in Steel and Power Generation. As a result, he can bring best practice from a wide variety of sources.

He spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist trainer working for companies such as Lloyds British Training Services and Rolls Royce. He then went on to work as a Principal consultant for ABB consulting for 15 years. During this time, he refined some of the established improvement tools including how and when to apply them for maximum impact whilst still continuing to develop and deliver training in support of this. Recent work has included improvements to the Work Order to Work Execution processes of Engineering departments and focused on Reliability, Planning and Scheduling. This ongoing field experience has helped him test and refine specialist training in a number of areas.

He has been able to use his own experience to contribute with other maintenance specialists to the Carcharodon models of excellence. Its methodologies are recognised as “Best of the Best” standards providing the inspiration for two books, projects that have won awards such as the prodigious UK Chemical Industries annual Excellence in Engineering award and form the basis of this training.

He was recently awarded a national award as coach of the year. He uses the same skills to ensure that he does not just preach maintenance best practice, he discusses it, explains it and ensures that delegates have a much more personal and flexible experience.

To further optimise your learning experience from our courses, we also offer individualized “One to One” coaching support for 2 hours post training. We can help improve your competence in your chosen area of interest, based on your learning needs and available hours. This is a great opportunity to improve your capability and confidence in a particular area of expertise. It will be delivered over a secure video conference call by one of our senior trainers. They will work with you to create a tailor-made coaching program that will help you achieve your goals faster.
Request for further information about post training coaching support and fees applicable for this.

Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

As a new maintenance manager, the VILT course was engaging and helped me to accelerate the development of my knowledge and skills in planning and scheduling

Assistant Vice President - Maintenance, Team Sual Corporation

Thank your for the new learnings that we've acquired during the 5 day training. Thanks to the trainer for his patience to the group despite the challenges. I will recommend this training to other groups within the company

Associate, Instrumentation and Control, South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation

This VILT training gave me new insights in planning and scheduling. This is really helpful especially when our planned maintenance outage is coming up

Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, South Luzon Thermal Energy Corporation

As educational and insightful as it is fun and engaging, our Instructor guaranteed our course success by keeping things very interesting and relevant, shedding light on new ways to address our existing workloads!

Turnaround Planner, Aker Solutions

A very good and useful course especially for both Ops and Maintenance. The instructor did a very good job and perfect venue!

Operations Supervisor, Brunei Shell Petroleum

The trainer provides very helpful information and knowledge on how to achieve or improve on how I will do my next planning. I can now achieve and optimise our department targets

Maintenance Coordinator, Brunei Methanol Company

Good and practical training

Asset Planning Engineer, Petrofac

Good course and very interesting

Operation Readiness Assurance Engineer, Sarawak Shell Berhad