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About this Training Course 

This 5-day course addresses the fundamentals of Basin Analysis to Petroleum Systems Analysis, a holistic view of how it works, which is essential for geoscientists involved in today’s challenging Exploration and Production projects.

Petroleum Systems Analysis has come a long way from pure geochemical evaluation to integration of all petroleum elements, including source rock characteristics, hydrocarbon generation, expulsion and migration, traps, seals, and alterations of the hydrocarbon fluids and columns. Quantification of many of these processes is attempted using more complex petroleum systems analysis. Huge research efforts have been done during the last 20 years for better calibration of basin models and its analysis, which is now becoming a part of the Exploration and Production workflow.

By attending this training, participants will be able to acquire the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand the theories of basin formation and the methods used to classify basins in terms of driving mechanisms and structural style
  • Understand the concept of a Petroleum system and the use of basin analytical techniques to define the hydrocarbon potential of an area
  • Understand the types of data to be analysed during the exploration campaign
  • Understand the data collection and methodologies to evaluate an area by doing Petroleum systems analysis
  • Gain experience to create one dimensional basin model to evaluate the generation, expulsion history of the potential source units and get acquainted with the latest workflows prevailing in the Industry
  • Understand the different aspects of Risks and Uncertainty analysis

This course will benefit Geoscientists who have been working for several years in exploration and who would like to improve their expertise in the prospect maturation process, risk assessment as well as for their direct supervisors.

It is also relevant for staff from disciplines working closely with geologists like geophysicists and petrophysicists.

Your expert course leader has extensive expertise in Petroleum Systems Analysis of nearly two decades in domestic and international projects.

His expertise includes Basin Analysis, Regional level data synthesis for building coherent G & G model, Thermal maturity assessments, migration modelling-pore pressure predictions, Geochemical evaluations, PIEA (Play Identification, Evaluation and Assessments), Prospect Risking and Ranking, Uncertainty Analysis, Resource Assessments, and Unconventional Petroleum Systems Analysis.

He has the experience of working at a senior level in Operating Companies, Service Companies like Schlumberger and also National Oil Companies like ONGC, India, in varied roles such as Senior Geoscientist, Consultant, Domain Expert and Petroleum Systems Analyst. He has more than a decade of experience in teaching different aspects of Petroleum Systems to various clients.

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