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By 2050 global electricity demand will more than double requiring some 12'000 GW of new power generation capacity out of which three quarters will be renewables. In the last decade, an overall investment of some US$ 1.5 trillion were flowing globally into the renewable energy sector by far outpacing investments into the fossil fuel power sector. In most regions of the world electricity produced by solar, wind and hydro projects are already the most cost competitive solution as of today. Adding to this the arrival of batteries, hydrogen and innovative financing is creating the bread for disruptive business models and new market players along the power value chain. Electricity position itself as the “fuel” of the future with the global energy transition in full swing. This course will help you to understand the specific economics around the various renewable energy technologies and how to structure financing for a successful business case. The VILT will be enriched by using additional materials in form of spreadsheets, articles, online tools or video clips to show real world case studies. Significant time will be dedicated to case studies and group work in order to enhance application of new knowledge and leverage experiences between delegates.

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