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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course has been derived from the Turnaround Model of Excellence developed by practitioners that guarantee the reliability of your operations. The VILT course builds on the Effective Plant Turnaround Management course and takes the model of excellence to the next level, with a complete cradle-to-grave methodology. The aim of this VILT course is to help practitioners Turnarounds move towards the expert level with the added challenge of COVID-19.

This is a certified course where participants will have the option to sit for a short exam on the final day of the VILT course to gain a Certificate in Advanced Turnaround, Shutdown & Outage Management.

Turnarounds are complex projects that have a substantial impact on business performance. It is therefore imperative that the people who plan, prepare and execute Turnaround have an in-depth skill and knowledge necessary to produce a successful outcome and an understanding of how Turnarounds work, why they sometimes don’t and what to do if they start going wrong.

This complex, uncertain and at times unfamiliar undertaking can, and often does, overwhelm the people involved and result in overrun of duration, overspend of budget or, even worse, an unreliable plant. This VILT course concentrates on how to organise the people who will do the job and the level and quality of planning required to give not only the desired outcome but value for money as well.

This VILT course will take participants on a journey that begins with setting strategic objectives, explains the latest thinking on setting the right scope in good time, then basic planning to challenge planning, executing turnarounds safely to the right standards and handing over to operations. Of course, no turnaround can be considered complete until the plant is in full operation and the learning review has been completed, so we will close the VILT course with how to use the Model of Excellence to do this and, if necessary, a full forensic review.

This practically focused VILT course will teach you the practical skills to:

  • Build the best Turnaround team possible from available resources
  • Educate senior management in their Turnaround roles and responsibilities
  • Use the Model of Excellence to maximise the benefits of planning and preparation
  • Develop an improved process based on the most powerful question in planning

Experience has taught that effective action is underpinned by profound knowledge and that this in turn is based on asking powerful questions. Therefore, this VILT course is based on a series of powerful questions that will lead participants towards profound knowledge of Turnarounds, enhancing their existing skills.

This VILT course has been researched and developed for Experienced Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Engineers, Planners, Team Leaders and Coordinators of:

  • Shutdowns/Turnarounds
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Reliability
  • Plant
  • Outage
  • Asset Management
  • Operations/Audit
  • Safety

Your expert course leader is a highly experienced facilitator in maintenance improvement, change management, continuous improvement and capability development as a management coach and trainer. He has a strong focus on people with an emphasis on developing people and the practicalities of improving maintenance performance rather than just the theory.

He has worked internationally across Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa with extensive experience in Oil and Gas, the Chemicals sector and manufacturing as well as working with clients in Steel and Power Generation. As a result, he can bring best practice from a wide variety of sources.

He spent the first fifteen years of his career as a specialist trainer working for companies such as Lloyds British Training Services and Rolls Royce. He then went on to work as a Principal consultant for ABB consulting for 15 years. During this time, he refined some of the established improvement tools including how and when to apply them for maximum impact whilst still continuing to develop and deliver training in support of this. Recent work has included improvements to the Work Order to Work Execution processes of Engineering departments and focused on Reliability, Planning and Scheduling. This ongoing field experience has helped him test and refine specialist training in a number of areas.

He has been able to use his own experience to contribute with other maintenance specialists to the Carcharodon models of excellence. Its methodologies are recognised as “Best of the Best” standards providing the inspiration for two books, projects that have won awards such as the prodigious UK Chemical Industries annual Excellence in Engineering award and form the basis of this training.

He was recently awarded a national award as coach of the year. He uses the same skills to ensure that he does not just preach maintenance best practice, he discusses it, explains it and ensures that delegates have a much more personal and flexible experience.

Learn what past participants have said about PetroEdge training courses

I gained a lot of knowledge from the trainer - it will be beneficial to me and those I deal with at the workplace. The course exceeded my expectations significantly

Planning Engineer, Petrokon Utama Sdn. Bhd

The facilitators made sure we are aware on how to carry out the training with a brief orientation on what programs and tools are to be used to get us prepared prior to the training day

Project Engineer, Petrokon Utama Sdn. Bhd

Gaining these extra knowledge will allow me to have extra skills to manage and challenge the scope against the deliverable date, allowing us to work with client on the agreed frozen work scope and deliverable timeline

Construction / Turn Around Engineer, Petrokon Utama Sdn. Bhd

Attending this course has helped me gain additional knowledge of all the processes for preparing an effective turnaround!

Complext Operation Supervisor, BSP Co Ltd

Enjoyed every bit of the training as it opened my perception of maintenance and shutdown jobs.

Sr. Manager, Maintenance, Nurmaligarh Refinery Ltd

Good and informative.

Facilities Manager, Schlumberger

There is detailed breakdown of the TA Structure and processes involved. This is a MUST ATTEND course for those involved in TA.

Turnaround Operations Coordinator, Shell Refining Company

It is a very good training.

Shutdown Coordinator, Exxonmobil Cepu Limited

This is a fruitful course.

Integrated Scheduler , Sabah Shell Petroleum Company Limited

Good Job. Keep it up!

Execution Engineer, Sarawak Shell Berhad

Good course.

Vice President - Turnaround Maintenance, Serba Dinamik Sdn Bhd

I learnt a new best practice for shutdown management!

Asset Management, Malakoff Corp Bhd