About this Training Course

This training course will address subjects beyond the understanding achieved from Well Control accreditation courses. The course has been developed to provide participants with a deeper and wider knowledge of Well Control challenges. The lessons and understanding obtained will help avoid the problems faced in Well Control in the first place.

This 5-day comprehensive course will address planning and implementation of operational procedures in Well Control. In the event that a Well Control incident occurs, participants will be equipped with down-hole awareness of the behaviour of influxes and how to manage pressures in the wellbore to avoid escalation of the event.

The course covers both basic well control modules, such as the source of pressures, kick detection methods and the various methods for “killing” vertical and deviated wells with the bit on bottom; and some advanced techniques required to effectively manage more complex well kicks, including kicks that occur in horizontal or highly deviated wells, kicks in oil muds where gas solubility can be a concern, and control methods for kicks taken with the bit off bottom, including volumetric well control, volumetric stripping and bullheading.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the statistics of the occurrences and reasons for blowouts
  • Understand the root causes of blowouts
  • Avoid well control conditions that lead to blowouts
  • Plan to avoid well kicks and blowouts
  • Manage well control operations
  • Interpret and manage pressure in the well
  • Select and understand well control methods to address various kick scenarios