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PE130907 - 11 Dec 2020Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) SGD 3999 SGD 4199 Remind me of Course Dates
PE130907 - 11 Dec 2020Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) RM 11997 RM 12597 Remind me of Course Dates




07 - 11 Dec 2020


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

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SGD 3,999


SGD 4,199




07 - 11 Dec 2020


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

As oil prices continue to be volatile and margins remain low, operators are becoming increasingly sensitive to risks associated with well safety, operations and maintenance.

This intensive VILT is designed to deepen your knowledge of well integrity management, and skills for designing, operating, and maintaining well equipment. The ultimate goal is to optimise productivity at the lowest Unit Operating Cost (UOC) and to maintain mechanical integrity throughout well life cycle.

Well Integrity management is looked at in three distinct stages. The first stage is during the well design which includes material selection, engineering design, cement design, coating and inhibitors and cathodic protection. The second stage is monitoring the well during the life of the well locating, possible leaks and/or loss of metal. The last stage is to manage and control any well integrity issues using specialised products, services and techniques.

To enable participants to understand the well integrity management principles and well integrity components during the lifecycle of the well and acquire the tools and methods to eliminate and/or mitigate the loss the well integrity during design, construction, and well operations.

The participants will also learn how to manage a well within its operating envelope which has lost it integrity.

  • Understand the Well Integrity international standards
  • Well barriers and their verification
  • Define the building blocks of a successful well integrity management programme
  • Define well integrity well categorization based on compliance to the barrier policy outlined in the regulations and develop an approach to risk management
  • Discuss well-completion design and construction to create a “integer” well with lowest life cycle maintenance cost from a WIM prospective
  • Monitoring and surveillance of well integrity (focus on cementing)
  • Monitoring and surveillance of well integrity (focus on corrosion)
  • Investigate and manage well integrity issues, causes & potential solutions
  • Understand repairs to address “Loss of Well Operating Envelope”
  • Understand Well Suspension & Well Abandonment

This VILT has been developed for personnel directly responsible and or involved in Well Integrity, its design, verification and intervention should attend.

Suggested attendees include, but not limited to:

  • Completion Engineers
  • Drilling/completion/intervention engineers (including drilling supervisor and drilling superintendent)
  • HSE personnel.
  • Production Operation personnel (including OIM, Area Production supervisors)
  • Production Technologists
  • Well Integrity Management Engineers
  • Well Services Engineers

Your expert course leader has nearly 40 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. During that time, he has worked exclusively in well intervention and completions. After a number of years working for intervention service companies (completions, slickline & workovers), he joined Shell as a well service supervisor. He was responsible for the day-to-day supervision of all well intervention work on Shell’s Persian/Arabian Gulf platforms. This included completion running, coil tubing, e-line, slickline, hydraulic workovers, well testing and stimulation operations. An office-based role as a senior well engineer followed.

He was responsible for planning, programming, and organising of all the well engineering and intervention work on a number of fields in the Middle East. He had a brief spell as a Site Representative for Santos in Australia before joining Petro-Canada as Completions Superintendent in Syria, then moved to Australia as Completions Operations Superintendent for Santos, before returning to Shell as Field Supervisor Completions and Well Interventions in Iraq where he carried out the first ever formal abandonment of a well in the Majnoon Field. While working on rotation, he regularly taught Completion Practices, Well Intervention, Well Integrity and Reporting & Planning courses all over the world. In 2014, he started to focus 100% on training and became the Technical Director for PetroEDGE.

Since commencing delivering training courses in 2008, he has taught over 300 courses in 31 cities in 16 countries to in excess of 3,500 participants.

Recent assignments included the following:
• Field Supervisor based in Iraq
• Completions Operations Superintendent for Santos responsible for 4 Rigs, 2 Frac spreads, 2 CTU Units and various rigless operations, in excess of 300 major interventions per year
• Involved in rig assist Frac Operations in the 3rd largest CSG Field in the World
• Carrying out new technology analysis study for HFR Geo Thermal Wells
• Have also been on loan to a number of “Coded Projects” in Middle East for the purposes of preparing Wells Functional Specifications and Technical Specifications for OCTG’s, Wellheads, Completion Equipment and all aspects of Well Services (Coil, Slickline, Well Testing etc)
• Utilised as a Regional Technical resource for input on Completions, Well Services & Well Integrity within the Middle East on behalf of Shell EPM
• Carried out a Global Support role reviewing Special projects, troubleshooting non routine operations and acting as a Global Well Integrity Expert
• Actively delivered Distance Learning Support to newly recruited Well Service Engineers

Consultancy experience

• Middle East – Arranged a number of workshops and stack up tests for team building and service familiarisation to allow a seamless mobilisation of a multi- national, multi-cultural workforce about to engage in a series of offshore Hydraulic Workovers on the Persian Gulf

• Malaysia – Review, update and ensure accurate local content for the Wells Management System and roll out same during a series of team building exercises to ensure all personnel familiar with their responsibilities during all types of well operations
• Europe – Review and advise on content for a New Well Integrity Management System, conduct a number of roll out sessions to all personnel across 9 Business Units which further allowed the identification of key focal point personnel allowing for accurate KPI setting, reporting and improvement
• South America – Peer review existing company documents on behalf of a state owned O&G Company and advise on content for the preparation of a Well Integrity Management System which will encompass all onshore and offshore wells from Design, Completion, Operation and Subsequent Abandonment.
• UK – Compile a bespoke training course for Well Integrity, roles & responsibilities within the entire Production Operations Department both on and offshore for 7 Producing Platforms, this has taken the form of 28 x 2.5 days Classroom & Mechanical Workshop Courses
• Thailand – Review existing company documentation and support the compilation of a Competency Management System for Mechanical Wireline, Coiled Tubing & Hydraulic Workovers. This included the preparation of sample technical questions to allow assessors to accurately determine personnel competence levels, identify gaps and arrange suitable training
• South America – Conduct a design review on all water injection wells for a state owned company to focus on the “Why do these wells fail early” and make recommendations on new technical designs
• Middle East – Provide inhouse review of Well Integrity Management Systems, preparation of Well Failure Model, facilitate and conduct risk assessments on entire well stock
• Middle East – Prepare Wells Management Standards for Drilling, Completions, Interventions and Well Integrity
• Middle East – Provide remote support on Well Integrity Management System preparation and roll out, conduct peer reviews of existing systems and procedures and comment and offer solutions for future revisions
• Australia – Provide Peer reviews for Well Integrity Codes of Practice with relation to conventional and non-conventional well types onshore, shallow water and deepwater

Learn what past participants have said about PetroEdge training courses

Very useful course with deep dive into well integrity and associated aspects, led by a professional instructor.

Well Engineer, Arrow Energy

The course had insights on some industry practices on well integrity and it was very beneficial to see where my company is versus the market.

Senior Drilling Engineer, Hibiscus Technical Services Sdn Bhd

The trainer is excellent. He was successful in transferring knowledge to all the participants. He communicated very effectively with the participants and has shared many of his experience related to this training. It was a great experience for me.

Well Integrity Engineer, BP Indonesia

Great instructor. The course has certainly made me understand well integrity issues that may have been overloaded in our normal diagnostic work. Recommended for all production and petroleum engineers associated with production assets.

Senior Petroleum Engineer, Papuan Oil Search Ltd

It was a great course. I really enjoyed it. The trainer did a great job by combining complex well integrity topics with case studies and personal stories from his career.

Senior Production Technologist, QGC Shell

Engaging & interesting talk on something deemed as a “boring" subject.

Completion & Workover Engineer, OMV New Zealand Limited

The course is very useful, it discussed several problems related to well integrity, presented good solutions on solving walls problems. It added a lot to my knowledge, especially on important of MAAS, standards barriers, completion / well control equipment, procedures, HSE issues of risk assessment. The instructor is very helpful, provided a lot of examples on clarification of issues. He is professional in teaching the subject.

Well Intervention Manager, Daleel Petroleum

Very good course and the instructor has a very good experience.

Production Technologies, OOCEP

Experienced and vast knowledge instructor.

Senior Well Intervention Engineer, PETRONAS Carigali