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About this Training

The expanding human population and industrialisation are increasing the demand for energy worldwide. This has resulted in numerous challenges such as environmental pollution, reliable supply of fossil fuels, and increased demand of electricity supply, which must be overcome. To fulfil the energy demands and overcome these challenges, numerous projects and funds are involved in finding an adequate solution.

Transport accounts for around one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and road travel accounts for three-quarters of transport emissions. Most of this comes from passenger vehicles. Emission limits are increasingly stringent, and the fuel industry must change its approach to product formulation to meet the challenge.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Get a clear overview of the different types of bio and alternative fuels
  • Understand how different bio and alternative fuels are produced
  • Have an overview of feedstock utilised for biofuels production
  • Realize how the biofuels production could be integrated in modern refinery
  • Understand how bio and alternative fuels function as single and blended fuels
  • Understand what impact bio and alternative fuels have on car engine
  • Get an overview of the environmental impact of bio and alternative fuels
  • Get the overview of regulation related to bio and alternative fuel

The course is intended for individuals who are interested in or developing in the field of bio and alternative fuels. The following personnel will benefit from the knowledge shared in this course:

  • Refinery Technical Personnel
  • Trading and blending personnel
  • Sales, marketing, and product trading personnel
  • Laboratory supervisors and technical personnel
  • Policymakers
  • Professionals who are interested in or developing in the field of bio and alternative fuels
  • Process, project, and consultant engineers involved in bioenergy, petrochemical and chemical industries
  • Basic or Foundation
  • Intermediate

Your expert course leader is an experienced manager with more than 25 years of operational experience in the downstream Oil & Gas industry. She is a recognised expert in conventional, biofuels and alternative fuels with extensive experience in the crude selection process and formulation of finished products including product portfolio strategy, product quality road mapping and benchmarking. She is a long-time laboratory manager with comprehensive experience in laboratory processes, including financing, benchmarking, efficiency improvement and total quality management processes.

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It was a very interesting course, rich with information and illustration videos. The knowledge and experience I gained will be reflected positively in my work and way of thinking

ADNOC Refining

Very well designed and tailored program, professionally delivered


Thank you so much for the great course. Very informative. The presenter and organization were excellent