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About this Training Course 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are important for the safe and effective operation of industrial plants and oil & gas facilities. But SOPs are frequently developed late in the project, after the design is completed and construction is well underway.  And they may be used for little other than operator training. Following start-up, they often end up on a shelf collecting dust. Used this way, SOPs have little influence on either the design or the operation of the facility.  But this cannot reasonably be accomplished unless we start writing procedures that are more user-friendly. We must start writing SOPs that the operators will actually want to use.

The objective of the course is to enable the engineers and technical professionals to:

  • State clearly what SOPs are, why they are written and for whom
  • Assess their Reader and their needs from the SOP
  • Analyse the procedure(s) concerned and identify the key aspects from the Readers’ point of view
  • Use the correct tenses to help guide the Reader through the procedure
  • Use the active or passive voice to meet the needs of the Reader
  • Use a clear, simple, logical neutral style to ensure the clarity of the SOP
  • Use a systematic method of reviewing and revising their documents to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the entire SOP

This training course will be useful for engineers and relevant personnel from the following functions in the Oil & Gas in industry:

  • Process, Health & Safety
  • Commissioning and Start-up
  • Maintenance, Operations and Administration

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