About this Training Course

The Microbial Carbonate Reservoirs course will describe reservoir fabrics and properties, 3D distribution, modeling and development aspects, illustrated with examples from Brazil, Oman, Angola, etc. This 5-day basic course will utilise a combination of presentations and practical exercises throughout the 5 days.

5-day course content at a glance:

Day 1: Microbial Carbonate Factory

  1. Microbial rock formation & fabrics
  2. Distribution in geological time & space

Day 2: Microbial Reservoir Geology

  1. Interpretation on all observation scales
  2. Flow Units – Correlation exercise

Day 3: Relevance of Analogues

  1. Selection and use, ancient & modern
  2. Integration into models – Exercise

Day 4: Pre-Salt Exploration & Appraisal

  1. South Atlantic petroleum system & controls
  2. Reservoir issues & challenges – Exercise

Day 5: Pre-Salt Production Aspects

  1. Production scale heterogeneities
  2. Case study exercise

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of microbial carbonate formation, distribution and reservoir properties.
  • Understand the attributes and economic significance of the Pre-Salt Microbial Carbonate Play.

This course has been designed for all Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers (Geologists, Seismic Interpreters, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers) and their Team Leaders tasked to look into Exploration or Development of Microbial Carbonate Plays.

Qualifications: Petroleum Engineer, ENSPM 1984 (IFP, France), PhD Carbonate Geology 1984 (Univ. of Marseille, France)

Industry Experience: 32 years at Shell International E&P

Languages: French (Mother Tongue) English (Fluent) Portuguese (Intermediate)

Professional Highlights

Your expert course leader is an independent Geoscience & Petroleum Engineering Consultant with 32 years of broad international experience in the Oil and Gas industry. Through a mostly operational career in various positions, he successively worked as a Geologist, Petroleum Engineering Coordinator, Carbonate Research Manager and Appraisal/Development Manager. He acquired a strong overview of the requirements of large hydrocarbon development projects, from Exploration to Development design, planning and execution. Main focuses: safe operations, integration surface-subsurface, resourcing & training, and project controls/assurance. His experience covers Exploration and Development of oil, sweet & sour gas, onshore & offshore worldwide (Abu Dhabi, Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Netherlands, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Venezuela).

As Subject Expert, he was responsible for Carbonate Training, experience building and personal development of Geoscientists and Petroleum Engineers, both in-house and for external partners. He spent 5 years in Brazil building extensive knowledge and understanding of exploration and development aspects of the non-marine (“Pre-Salt”) mid-Cretaceous Carbonate Play. This included studying potential analogues, commissioning extra-mural research on both present-day and ancient microbial carbonates, and integrating results into subsurface models.

Learn what past participants have said about PetroEdge training courses

This is one of the best carbonate course I’ve attended.

Geologist, PETRONAS

An eye opener to the new play type. Helped to understand the fundamental of microbial carbonate reservoir and also guide to manage the project better.

Carbonate Sedimentology, EGRS-Exploration Geology, PETRONAS