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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

To the non-geologist, working with Petroleum Geologists can be confusing. Petroleum geology has specific terminology and many concepts and data sources unfamiliar to the uninitiated.

This course has been designed to introduce these terms and provide an insight into how oil and gas are formed, how they are found and how they are extracted. Using a holistic combination of lectures, experiments, case study and practical exercises, the course involves an introduction to fundamental geological concepts, to exploration techniques, prospecting, drilling, well logs and recovery methods.

The course will also demystify the terminology surrounding petroleum geology, demonstrate the use of geological information to show the value and weakness of different datasets, and lead to better communication and decision-making between the geologists and non-geologists.

It will feature world-class virtual reality field trips that incorporate activities and features unavailable in the physical field, and provide for a more integrated and flexible learning resource.

Course Highlights:

  1. Course facilitator has delivered petroleum geology training to many companies over the years
  2. Facilitator is also a professionally trained teacher and former university lecturer who is experienced in communicating with people at all levels of technical knowledge
  3. Practical exercises, experiments, examination of real rocks, a virtual reality field trip and case study are used to clarify and reinforce important concepts

Best Feature of the VILT:

  1. Interesting material.
  2. Knowledge.
  3. The trainer was prepared and her delivery of the material was spot on.
  4. The real life examples including the exercise with Google Earth. Also I liked to see the excel sheet to calculate hydrocarbons.
  5. This was the most interesting training delivered in an easy to follow format.
  6. Ease of connecting to the course.
  7. Group interaction was great while not having to travel to a physical location during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  8. Material was focused to Gulf of Mexico.
  9. Interesting content.

By attending this training, you will be able to acquire the following:

  • Understand the geological methods and principles used in hydrocarbon exploration, development and production.
  • Understand the key elements of a petroleum system, from hydrocarbon source to reservoir and seal
  • Appreciate basin analysis, regional geology and play based exploration techniques
  • Be aware of the different sorts of hydrocarbon trap from structural to stratigraphic
  • Understand the technical terminology, tools and methods used in exploration geology
  • Learn about unconventionals
  • Understand and evaluate the sources and reliability of various types of geological information
  • Understand acquisition, processing and interpretation of seismic data
  • Learn the technical processes and terminology involved in exploration
  • Understand how a prospect is defined and risked
  • Understand how seismic, existing well information and outcrop geology can be used for exploration
  • Gain an understanding of the methods used for petroleum geology to allow a discovery to be appraised and then developed

The course is suitable to all personnel, but those that benefit most include:

  • Geophysicists with little or no geological background
  • Petroleum Engineers (reservoir, drilling, production) who work with geological data
  • Project managers whose teams include petroleum geologists, Finance, Procurement, Marketing and Communications staff, and government Data Managers who handle petroleum geological data and need to understand the sources of different types of data.

The course will feature world-class virtual reality field trips that incorporate activities and features unavailable in the physical field, and provide for a more integrated and flexible learning resource (also see the trainer’s article on page 4 which was first published in GEO ExPro Magazine, the upstream oil and gas industry’s favourite magazine).

The VILT will be delivered online in 4 half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day.

Your expert course leader is the Geosciences Technical Director for PetroEdge. She was previously, the manager of Robertson Petroleum Training Centre and a Senior Project Scientist at Robertson CGG. She has over 20 years of experience in teaching geology and leading field trips. Prior to her 8 years at Robertson, she was in academia as a lecturer for 6 years and a Research Fellow for 3 years. She has conducted fieldwork and led field trips in the US and many areas in the UK. In addition, she has led university regional geology day schools and has comprehensive experience in course and study programme writing.

She has extensive experience in delivering courses and in Clastic and Carbonate Reservoir Geology, Deepwater Turbidites, Sandstone Reservoirs, Wireline Log Interpretation, Integrated Sequence Stratigraphy, Basin Analysis and Exploration & Appraisal workshops globally. In delivering the Exploration Team Management Workshop, she has project managed and taught key principles and modules on project planning, data collection/collation, geophysical assessment, stratigraphy and facies mapping, source rock facies and hydrocarbon generation, play fairway mapping, risking and prospect evaluation. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for instructing is reflected in consistently being rated as excellent by trainees, and clients specifically requesting her participation in courses.

To further optimise your learning experience from our courses, we also offer individualized “One to One” coaching support for 2 hours post training. We can help improve your competence in your chosen area of interest, based on your learning needs and available hours. This is a great opportunity to improve your capability and confidence in a particular area of expertise. It will be delivered over a secure video conference call by one of our senior trainers. They will work with you to create a tailor-made coaching program that will help you achieve your goals faster.
Request for further information about post training coaching support and fees applicable for this.

Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

Wonderful course that made the basics of geology and formation of hydrocarbons easy to understand, regardless of educational background.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, USA

The trainer made geology interesting to ME! She is very capable of teaching to non geologists.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, USA

The trainer provided training in a most exemplary fashion: easy to follow and understand from the geologic basics to performing reservoir risk calculations. The training was over before I knew it and would gladly have the trainer as an instructor in the future.

Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, USA

The trainer did a good job at handling the class which consists of people from different background/specialty/departments. The content of the training is relevant and meets my expectations. The VR is an icing on the cake.

Senior Manager, PTTEP

The course is good for introduction of geology theory for the non-geologist. The trainer is awesome in presenting the course.

Senior Structural Engineer, PTTEP

This course is good for those who would like to learn and gain more knowledge of what geologist is about.

Associate Business Services, PTTEP

An excellent primer on Petroleum Geology.

Well Test Engineer, TwoThreeFiveSeven

Overall, it is an interactive and good session.

Geoscientist, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd

As a non-geologist, this was a great course for learning everything from why we drill for hydrocarbon to reading seismic charts.

VP Investor Relations, InterOil

Very informative and intense training. Good!

Exploration IT Focal Point, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sdn. Bhd

As an IOI, it has been good, well presented, clear and helpful for me as a newbie in the industry. The course leader is very experienced in the industry and very aware of how to conduct the course, hence good at it. Definitely recommended for beginner/non-geologists to use as an initiation!

Manager - Strategy & Business Planning, InterOil Singapore

The training was very interesting and some of the training content can be relate to my current jobs. The trainer provide us with a good example to illustrate the rock formation.

Data Support, Petroleum Authority Brunei Darussalam

Very good fundamental geology course delivered by excellent trainer.

Subsurface Data Manager, Sarawak Shell Berhad

Great training for non-geologists to enhance their knowledge in Oil & Gas industry.

(IAP) Planner & Scheduler, Sarawak Shell Berhad