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About this training

The Seismic Uncertainty Evaluation (SUE) course has evolved after a number of years of work experience in the sub-surface domain. A common question closely related to well planning is the quantification and qualification of depth uncertainty and robust estimation of the volumetric ranges, and this course addresses these topics.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define a structured approach toward seismic depth uncertainty analysis
  • Construct data analytics on seismic products (well logs, velocities, and seismic)
  • Classify advance vertical ray tomography on FWI models to assure a drill ready depth seismic, faults, surfaces, and logs
  • Interpret probabilistic volumetric and automatic spill point control, amplitude conformance closures
  • De-risk the depth uncertainty by providing drilling and completion with a risking score card

This course is intended for individuals who needs to understand the basic theory and procedures for assessment/ quantification/qualification of all drill-ready products (seismic, faults, horizons, etc.)

  • Geologist
  • Geophysicist
  • Reservoir engineer
  • Drilling engineer
  • Intermediate

Your expert course leader is a cross-functional Geoscientist and Published Author with 27 years of international experience working in Upstream Petroleum Exploration and Production for Oil and Gas Companies in Australia, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, and Oman. During his career he actively supported field development, static & dynamic reservoir modelling & well planning, 3D Seismic data acquisition with Schlumberger & SVUL, 3D seismic data processing with CGG & interpretation, Q.I. and field development with Woodside, Applied Geoscience, and Reliance.

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