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About this Training Course

Operators worldwide are searching for new ways to produce their existing matured assets. With the current average recovery factor of around 35%, there is still a lot of oil left in reservoirs that are well characterised. This demand to recover more oil from existing assets continues to fuel interest in applying Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques in Asia and across the world.

This course addresses the relevance and basic concepts of various EOR techniques. EOR techniques are often grouped in three main areas: thermal EOR (e.g. steam soak and SAGD), chemical EOR (e.g. low-salinity waterflooding, polymer and surfactant flooding) and Gas EOR (like HC gas and CO2 injection).

The fundamentals of each of these areas will be discussed and through simple exercises, the participants will get an understanding of the relevance of various parameters.

But more importantly, participants will also understand and appreciate the short comings of various techniques and how these could be addressed in a specific field application or via ongoing research activities. Based on the key characteristics of various EOR techniques, the most relevant screening criteria will be explained.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand key EOR techniques
  • Appreciate the strength and weaknesses of each technique and how EOR can be optimised
  • Acquire an understanding of how EOR techniques are applied in field development planning and how to overcome arising complexities

This course will benefit:

  • Petroleum and Reservoir Engineers who are involved in studies to define EOR projects, and who require a better understanding of the technology and a broader view of EOR projects in terms of planning and execution
  • Supervisors and development managers who want a better understanding of current EOR techniques, to be able to discuss these with their experienced staff and make more informed business decisions

Your expert course leader is a world leader in methods to enhance oil recovery and former Chief Scientist with Shell.

As Chief Scientist RE in Shell, he had been involved in many critical technology strategy decisions at the Executive Committee level, key technology projects and representation of Shell to the press.

His role as Global R&D Program Manager had brought him in contact with many key technology developments (chemical flooding, low salinity flooding, steam injection) and with research into novel recovery mechanisms (microbial EOR and nano technologies).

As Value Assurance team leader, he had traveled the world and had seen many of the key projects of Shell and reviewed the status of many projects, e.g. Kashagan Sour Gas Injection, Sakhalin Field development, Thermal injection in Qarn Alam, Upgrading for Colorado Oil Shales, waterflooding in Asab/Bab/Bu Hasa and many more. The key to many decisions lies in the understanding of the underlying displacement process, its vulnerability and opportunities for a set-up that allows further optimisation.

He played a key role in defining the Brent Field depressurization development that had very successfully maximised the recovery of gas and oil from the Brent Field.

Through his teaching to students and his mentorship of other staff at Shell, he knows how to engage and stimulate staff. In his current role as a consultant, he is involved with various companies like ADNOC, Maersk, Petrom, JAPEX, and PDO to analyse projects and future directions. From 2015 till early 2017, he was an Advisor RE in PDO, leading value assurance reviews and helping subsurface teams to identify new resources in existing fields. He was the editor of the 2011 Resource-to-Reserves publication of the IEA (International Energy Agency, Paris). For 10 years, he has been the Chairman of the EAGE European IOR symposium and sat on the program committees of the SPE IOR meeting in Tulsa and the SPE EOR symposium in Oman.

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