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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

This 5 half-day Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course has been designed to develop skills in understanding the geometry and petrophysical characteristics of carbonate reservoirs.

Depositional fabric, grain type and size and subsequent diagenetic modifications are the major controls on carbonate reservoir behaviour.

The complex inter-relationship of the depositional and burial history can be unravelled to allow prediction of reservoir facies and reconstruction of three-dimensional reservoir models.

The VILT course will demonstrate the value of the reservoir model in volumetric assessment and development of carbonate reservoirs.

*Previous knowledge of carbonate sedimentology is not required.

Course Content in Summary:

  1. Carbonate reservoirs: Basic principles; depositional concepts; grain types; textures and fabrics; environmental reconstruction.
  2. The reservoir model – depositional and diagenetic characteristics: Sabkha/tidal flat; lagoon; shelf; reef (rudist and coral/algal); barrier/shoal; slope and redeposited; aeolian and lacustrine; karst plays.
  3. Carbonate diagenesis: Primary and secondary porosity; compaction; pressure solution; cementation; dolomitisation; porosity generation and destruction; fractures.
  4. Carbonate sequence stratigraphy
  5. Log response in carbonate rocks: Gamma; sonic; neutron; density; FMS.
  6. Reservoir assessment: Fracture reservoirs; reservoir modelling; volumetric assessment in correlation and mapping; effects of capillary pressure; interface with engineering.

By attending this VILT course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand carbonate depositional systems and controls.
  • Recognise and model controls on reservoir quality and pore systems, including diagenesis and fracturing.
  • Understand and apply carbonate seismic stratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy.
  • Interpret log responses.

This VILT course is intended for petroleum geologists, explorationists, petrophysicists, geophysicists and engineers involved with exploration of carbonate plays and development of carbonate reservoirs.

The VILT course will be delivered online in 5 half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day.

Course Duration: 5 half-day sessions, 4 hours per session (20 hours in total).

Your expert course leader is a Director and Senior Consultant Geologist who has worked on various carbonate consultancy projects, conducted detailed sedimentological, sequence stratigraphic and diagenetic technical studies and delivered training programmes. He was formerly Managing Director of Robertson UK Limited and was responsible for the integration between different disciplines, recognition, and encouragement of technical innovation and research and development programmes across all oil and gas divisions in the company. He was also responsible for all aspects of the performance of the main Geological, Geophysical and Reservoir Engineering Services in the company.

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Excellent course and very well organized presentation

General Manager, Korea National Oil Corporation

The course was very beneficial

Chief Geologist, OGDCL

Nice extensive training, good and organized training materials and exercises

Reservoir Engineer, Wintershall Holding GMBH