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About this Training

The shipping and ports industry face increasing pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and transition towards sustainable operations due to climate change risks, stricter environmental regulations, market demands, and the need for sustainable financing.

This comprehensive 5-day course provides a holistic understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and pathways for decarbonizing shipping and port activities. Participants will gain insights into key drivers of decarbonization like regulations, market forces, financing mechanisms, and learn to assess risks, analyze strategies, and develop actionable plans. Topics covered include emissions scoping, reporting methodologies, green technologies, industry initiatives, corporate sustainability, net-zero strategies, and the business case for transformation.

Through interactive lectures, case studies and group activities attendees will explore emissions assessment techniques, reporting practices, technology solutions, market implications, risk factors, and pathways to net-zero emissions. The final module focuses on sustainable transformation strategies, barriers, individual roles in driving change, benchmark case analysis, and tailored action planning.

Whether you are a shipping company, port operator, logistics provider, or industry stakeholder, this course equips you with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the decarbonization journey successfully.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate the risks and impacts of climate change on the maritime and port industry.
  • Identify decarbonization challenges and opportunities in shipping and ports
  • Learn the green regulatory commitments and industry standards under which the industry must operate now and in the future.
  • Uncover the decarbonization and sustainability requirements of the industry in the eco-system: suppliers, customers, lenders, regulators
  • Understand the methods of environmental scoping and reporting in shipping and ports
  • Unravel the uncertainty and complexity of decarbonization strategies pathways
  • Assess the risks and articulate the pathways to net zero that the industry is pursuing
  • Analyse green and sustainability transformation plans in shipping and ports

This course will be relevant to ship owners or operators, port and terminals operators, marine logistics and supply chain companies, marine fuels suppliers, classification societies, government shipping and port regulators and sustainable or green financing institutions.

  • Sustainability Managers/Officers
  • Environmental Compliance Officers
  • Fleet Operations Managers
  • Technical or Engineering Superintendents
  • Marine Decarbonisation Planners
  • Vessel Energy Efficiency Managers
  • Port Facility Managers
  • Terminal Operations Managers
  • Supply Chain Decarbonisation Managers
  • Bunkering Operations Managers
  • Environmental Policy Officers
  • Maritime Emissions Regulators
  • Climate Change Mitigation Officers
  • Green Shipping Finance Managers
  • ESG Investment Analysts
  • Intermediate

Your Expert Course Instructor is an internationally recognised maritime and port logistics expert with advanced qualifications and 30 years of global experience including periods in executive positions and as Consultant and Advisor to global carriers, port operators, 3PLs, IFIs, insurance and law firms, Governments and multilateral agencies. Following 20 years of formal international career in the industry, he has operated for the past 10 years as a Consultant and Advisor. He has been involved in over 120 consulting projects and advisory services across 100 countries. He is also active in professional training and capacity building and has designed and delivered over 100 high-level corporate and specialist courses for the industry.

Parallel to his consulting and advisory work, he has a strong interest in academic and industrial research. He is co-founder of PORTeC at Imperial College and GPRA between 9 leading international universities. He is Visiting Professor at several leading universities where he carries out contract research, teaches and supervises masters and doctoral students. He has published 8 books and 123 academic papers and policy reports.

He is regularly called upon to advise private and public bodies. His latest appointments include lead maritime and port advisor to the WB,IFC, and EBRD, lead economic advisor to the IMO, transport logistics advisor to UNCTAD, specialist port adviser to the UK Parliament, maritime supply chain advisor to UK TDI. He also served as a non-executive director or member of the advisory board of 7 different maritime and port authorities.

His work on maritime and port decarbonization includes the ex-ante impact assessment of IMO GHG measures, lead advisory on the EU ETS in shipping, feasibility and project structuring of 8 decarbonised ferry and shipping services, structuring and financial close of 12 projects on port decarbonisation, strategic and policy advisory for the EIB-GEF green shipping platform, and due diligence advisory on the world ‘s 1st sovereign blue bond. He is the author of numerous strategic, economic and policy reports on the subject most recently ‘Financing Needs and Risks of Maritime Decarbonization; EBRD/IBRD’, ‘Innovation Models and Barriers to Decarbonising Maritime Transport, IMO/UNEP’, ‘Strategic Paths and Competitive Benchmarks for ZEVs and ZEPs, Maersk/DP World’ and ‘Comprehensive Impact Assessment of IMO GHG Short-term Measures, UNCTAD/IMO’.

Your Expert Course Instructor holds a PhD in Transport Operations from Imperial College, an MSc in International logistics from the University of Plymouth, an MSc in Port and Shipping Management from WMU, and a Bachelor of Public Administration (Economics and Finance) from ENA.

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