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About this Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Time is money in the oil business. Drilling time is big money. Whether in a technical, managerial or supporting role, you are a valuable asset to ensuring that project delivery targets are met and profits are realised. As drilling activities continue, professionals like you must grasp the language and technology of drilling operations in order to maximise expenditures throughout the producing life of a well.

Drilling equipment and procedures have a unique language that must be conquered for maximum benefit. Clear and understandable explanations of drilling rig equipment, procedures, and their complex interactions provide an excellent foundation for smooth communication and increased efficiency in inter-department project team efforts.

Drilling Essentials will help you de-mystify activities around the rig and well planning. It will explain the fundamentals of drilling with an emphasis on key areas such as logistical considerations, costing, and analysis of drilling contracts. Understand the urgency of drilling requests, know more about the cost implications of drilling-related problems, and understand the risks involved in a drilling contract. With the course director’s drilling knowledge and skills, this is your opportunity to explore and understand important drilling concepts, principles, and technology which are presented in a reader-friendly format and illustrated with examples. As a non-drilling professional, you too can grow with the drilling industry with a deeper understanding of the critical role you play in contributing to its success!

By attending this industry fundamentals Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course, you will be better able to:

  • Understand drilling terminology & drilling processes for completing onshore & offshore wells
  • Appreciate major cost components of drilling operations and its impact for better project planning and management
  • Better visualise major drilling equipment and their technical functions to promote a deeper understanding of the logistical and technical considerations
  • Gain valuable insights on the drilling industry with a synopsis of recent technology developments that impact the drilling process

This Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) course has been developed for new engineers and forward-looking executives in the following fields who are interested in enhancing their knowledge and awareness of the drilling process for increased productivity & contribution to the team they’re supporting:

  • Accounting
  • Commercial
  • Finance & Administration
  • General Management
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Tender Contract
  • Administration
  • E & P IT
  • Finance
  • Joint Ventures
  • Materials Planning
  • Sourcing
  • Training
  • Business Development
  • Estimation & Proposal
  • HSE
  • Legal
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Supply Chain
  • Drilling Fluids

The VILT course will be delivered online in 4 half-day sessions comprising 4 hours per day, with 2 breaks of 10 minutes per day.

Your expert course leader has over 45 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. During that time, he has worked exclusively in the well engineering domain. After being employed in 1974 by Shell, one of the major oil & gas producing operators, he worked as an apprentice on drilling rigs in the Netherlands. After a year, he was sent for his first international assignment to the Sultanate of Oman where he climbed up the career ladder from Assistant Driller, to Driller, to wellsite Petroleum Engineer and eventually on-site Drilling Supervisor, actively engaged in the drilling of development and exploration wells in almost every corner of this vast desert area. At that time, drilling techniques were fairly basic and safety was just a buzz word, but such a situation propels learning and the fruits of ‘doing-the-basics’ are still reaped today when standing in front of a class.

After some seven years in the Middle East, a series of other international assignments followed in places like the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Turkey, Denmark, China, Malaysia, and Russia. Apart from on-site drilling supervisory jobs on various types of drilling rigs (such as helicopter rigs) and working environments (such as jungle and artic), he was also assigned to research, to projects and to the company’s learning centre. In research, he was responsible for promoting directional drilling and surveying and advised on the first horizontal wells being drilled, in projects, he was responsible for a high pressure drilling campaign in Nigeria while in the learning centre, he looked after the development of new engineers joining the company after graduating from university. He was also involved in international well control certification and served as chairman for a period of three years. In the last years of his active career, he worked again in China as a staff development manager, a position he nurtured because he was able to pass on his knowledge to a vast number of new employees once again.

After retiring in 2015, he has delivered well engineering related courses in Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Thailand, India, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, The Netherlands, and the United States. The training he provides includes well control to obtain certification in drilling and well intervention, extended reach drilling, high pressure-high temperature drilling, stuck pipe prevention and a number of other ad-hoc courses. He thoroughly enjoys training and is keen to continue taking classes as an instructor for some time to come.

To further optimise your learning experience from our courses, we also offer individualized “One to One” coaching support for 2 hours post training. We can help improve your competence in your chosen area of interest, based on your learning needs and available hours. This is a great opportunity to improve your capability and confidence in a particular area of expertise. It will be delivered over a secure video conference call by one of our senior trainers. They will work with you to create a tailor-made coaching program that will help you achieve your goals faster.
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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

A very interesting and valuable experience. I gained a lot of knowledge which will be helpful for me. A special thanks to PetroEDGE for this opportunity!

The training was very useful.

Good training course, well organized and very good trainer.

Geologist, Timor Gap, E.P.

The knowledge imparted by the trainer definitely helps me understand and appreciate the how’s and why’s and what’s in drilling activities. Which in turn helps me in providing better and practical support to the drilling team.

Legal Counsel, Talisman Malaysia

A good comprehensive training for non-technical professionals and beginners on E &P field.

Procurement Officer, PTTEP International

Very good introduction to drilling.

Underwriting Assistant, Argenta Underwriting Asia

The training is very informative and good for non-technical professionals. Well done! Fantastic video!

Exploration Finance Analyst, Sarawak Shell

A master explaining every minute detail o drilling engineering and processes is just so invaluable from the trainer with 30 years of experience.

Training Manager, BP Singapore

Very informative and experienced speaker. Good job & well done!

Graduate HR & Services, KPOC