Carbon Capture > Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) for Non-Technical Professionals

About this training

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is an upcoming new technology that has a vital place within global efforts to decarbonise. It has a unique set of challenges, opportunities and risks to be understood and accommodated within appropriate legal, regulatory, and social and public license frameworks. The course has a strong international and global south emphasis with case studies on CCS projects and will touch on the role of CCS in developing country energy transition. The course satisfies a part of the market that is not currently catered for – the wider science, risks, financing, regulation, planning and social license aspects of CCS. These are issues that are as important as the technical issues in the sense that any of them can be a show-stopper for CCS.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Place CCS within the context of the global geological carbon cycle and the contribution to could make to carbon abatement
  • Explore the basic engineering and other challenges and solutions of CO2 transport and capture
  • Recognize the geological challenges and solutions of CO2 storage
  • Learn the methods of geological and environmental monitoring of CCS sites and why monitoring is important
  • Understand the policy and finance challenges and solutions of CCS projects
  • Know the importance of social license to operate and how to gain a social license to operate

This course will cater for in-company legal specialists, finance, project managers, marketing and communications specialists; as well as geologists, planners and environmental scientists in regulatory or government roles in regions considering the development of CCS. The course will provide up to date and relevant information to help in understanding opportunities and in managing risk.

  • Geoscientists
  • Government energy regulators and policy makers
  • Financiers and investors
  • Government natural resource and planning department
  • Environmental scientists
  • Finance professionals
  • Marketing and communication professionals
  • Legal specialists
  • Project managers

Your expert course leader is one of the most influential figures in British geoscience. He has 25 years’ experience in geological, energy, and palaeontological science and research, including 8 years national level science leadership as the UK’s chief geologist (Executive Chief Scientist and Director of Science and Technology of the British Geological Survey). He has been providing geoscience advice to Government for almost 15 years and has an excellent overview of Government policy, industrial activity and funding landscape in applied and energy geoscience, including CCUS and shale gas. He is a well-known communicator of science and has published three single-author popular science books (one award-winning), including the best introductory book on CCS ‘Returning Carbon to Nature’ Elsevier 2013.

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Learn what past participants have said about EnergyEdge training courses

I just sat through his course and have to say - it was amazing. The ease at which he presented the material, re-emphasizing, re-visiting key points was masterful. He kept the class engaged, and ended with a round of applause and photos! He was masterful and I learned a ton!

Senior Advisor, ExxonMobil; Distinguished Science Alumni for Purdue’s College of Science; Visiting Professor, Chengdu University Of Technology (CDUT)

It was really amazing to see the receptivity of the students in the course, and how much eagerness there was to learn more about CCUS. Given the size of the projects that are underway in Indonesia and also Thailand, your course was extremely timely and at the right level for engineers, geologists, and geophysicists seeking to learn more.

Director of Innovation & Emerging Science and Technology, AAPG

An excellent teacher. Great personality and very interactive. Respect him a lot!

Petroleum Engineer, BSEE

Very knowledgeable and engaging instructor

Special Investigator, BSEE

I really enjoyed the holistic approach of this training. It covered a wide variety of topics to give those with little experience in CCS a fundamental understanding of the major aspects. The trainer was engaging and overall, the course was high-quality.

Biological Sciences Supervisor, BSEE